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What Is British Art?

The Great British Art Debate has kicked off.  To celebrate British Art and find out what the public really think of what’s happening in their galleries and museums, the Tate (among other institutions) are hosting an ongoing range of events and exhibitions.  This is a chance to get involved, any nationality and any age group can join in the discussion and put their view across.  The aim is to find out where art fits in contemporary British culture. 

This Sunday 25 July, Tate Britain is hosting Interconnected Echoes - a workshop/ discussion group focusing on British identity in relation to art, using images from Tate's collection as a springboard for debate. The discussions will be chaired by artist Matthew Stone, who will put forward the argument that art is central to society. The Tate are also keen to hear your responses to their collection and British art in general.  As part of the discussions we will look at works from the Tate collection and ask audience members their opinions on the works.  

Event between 3pm and 5pm, but feel free to drop in any time while it's happening. Tea and cake will be served.

If you'd to contribute to this event in any way, please contact Cedar Lewisohn at

the below email addresses:

photo credit Dave The Chimp 2010


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