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REBECCA THOMAS: Venture behind the monolithic Tate Modern and you’ll find Unit 24, a small minimal gallery that's pristine white walls echo the space’s other role, as a functioning top end dry cleaners. Currently the space plays host to the appropriately titled THREADS, a show featuring three international artists exploring mythological archetypes, choosing iconic images or objects and deconstructing them, changing their context during the course of this travelling exhibition. The viewer is encouraged to participate in the objects’ deconstruction and recontextualisation actively by playing or interacting with the works– so as the exhibition moves to other spaces new works will develop.


On entering the gallery, you are confronted by ‘Look At Me’ by Pawel Wocial,  a large scale sculpture representing the Capitoline Wolf – whose ancient traditions of maternity, submissiveness and responsibility are represented by the Wolf being daubed in make up, nail polish and jewellery – a modern, Western subversion of these traditional characteristics.


The work of artist Gioj De Marco is featured on the ground and first floor of the gallery, and uses photography, video and installation. The most recent works include photographs of film props - familiar objects such as Starbucks cadboard coffee cups, whose function will have been to create a sense of familiarity to millions of film fans. These objects, placed in the context of the gallery, gives a sense of surprise and displacement.


'Ariadna's Thread', by Linas Domarackas is a large scale painting on textile, a rich blood red on which characters based on Greek mythology, in particular the metaphorical children of Medea are depicted. During the course of the exhibition the painting will gradually disappear as the audience is encouraged to unwind the fabric, participating in a kind of deconstruction of our shared myths and histories by reducing such iconic images to a ball of yarn.


Gioj De Marco, Pawel Wocial and Linas Domarackas

Unit 24 Gallery

24 Great Guildford Street


Until April 15


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