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£1000 GRANT TO BE WON!!!
The Saatchi Gallery magazine Art & Music has teamed up with the Secret Garden Party, one of the UK's most exciting arts and music festivals, to create a unique competition. The winner will be given £1000 to make a new work of art which will be installed at the festival this summer.

You will be installing your work inside a live arts event with thousands of viewers.  Your work will be competing with live bands, interactive theatre and wild celebrations.   Therefore you need to consider colour, size, illumination and its interactive capacity.

There are no height, width, length or material restrictions.  Your work can be placed in a unique area which you can choose with the festival organisers - it could be on a lake, by a pond, on a stage, surrounded by trees...

The theme for Secret Garden Party 2011 is Origins and Frontiers and your work should reference this theme.

To apply you need to submit a proposal containing a physical description, contextual reference, project footprint, break down of costs and contact details.

The deadline for entries is 2 May 2011.

Send a digital copy to:

and hard copy to:

Saatchi Competition
Secret Productions
United House
North Road
London N7 9DP

The winner will come to the site in Cambridgeshire the week before the festival to install their work.

Good Luck!


2011-04-09 08:45:40
never wanted anything so badly, please gardeners show your support! il put up plans, on the internet. but in the spirit of the garden iv gota keep some secrets xxx

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