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GEMMA DE CRUZ:  Last night I went to the latest Disappearing Dining Club now located, for the forseeable, behind a hip clothes shop at the top of Brick Lane opposite the Bagel bakers.  DDC is a pop up project that has been going for two years but still somehow feels new.  Because the venue is in a back room there are no windows so it’s very dark save for the orange hue of lamps and candles.  The  hidden location also helps start the night off with a secret, mysterious feel along the lines of Please Don’t Tell in New York a cocktail bar you access through a phone booth in a Hot Dog shop.

The ‘restaurant’ interior is designed in Abigail’s Party-esque 70s chic which also lends to the dinner party in someones living room feel, this is all intentional.  The venue is fun, the waiters all friendly without being on your case, and it's not expensive.  Because you pay a set amount (on Wednesday's) you don’t have to worry about going ‘over budget’ although it does feel strange getting up at the end of the night and walking out waving goodbye.  The only downside I found was the vegetarian option isn’t as great next to all the fancy food the meateaters are tucking into but - the atmosphere, good wine and quality saves it. Plus a vegetarian vegan night is on the cards.  

My friend and I sat next to a guy covering the venue for a ‘first date’ recommendation website, (yes, this is a perfect place for that, or for any date really) and his friend who looked and sounded like a posh Pete Doherty.  This prooved the big tables definitely create a more mingling vibe here among the mix of clientele and also added to the up-market boho spirit of the night.


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