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GEMMA DE CRUZ:  Being the gadget-unfriendly technophobe that I am, when the guy standing next to me asked me what I thought of the Nintendo 3D camera (that we were using to take photographs around Shoreditch) I was a bit down on it.  “It’s easy to use” I replied, “but the photographs don’t look very 3D, here take a look”, with that I took a shot of the group we were with and then showed him the screen, to my surprise the photo was incredibly 3D.  I then realized that all the photo’s I’d been taking up until then were of flat paintings on walls which of course looked, well, 2D.
Last night’s tour was led by the ubiquitous street artist Pure Evil who is currently in-between recovering from his Apprentice fame and an imminent trip to Toronto to work alongside Radiohead.  This was the fourth in a series of five events hosted by Nintendo as a way to spark up some interesting shots on these clever cameras that are integrated into the little 3DS.
As we looked from Swoon to Eine with Pure Evil filling in biographical detail along the way it became clear that Shoreditch is still a thriving hotbed of street art talent but also now has a rich history.  Pure Evil talked through some of the more groundbreaking events that had been staged by street artists over the past few years and made easy work of identifying posters and stencils that were literally pasted up, or painted that same day.
At one point, we stopped on Rivington Street to look at the work of Zezao (an artist known for making work in sewers in Sao Paulo) and as we turned to leave were confronted with the sight of one of Damien Hirst’s vitrines encasing a dead cow, suspended in Mark Hix’s new restaurant Tramshed.  This felt like a scene out of an 80s science fiction film projecting the future.  One minute you’re looking at a derelict building that is about to fall down adorned with the work of cheeky creative kidz, then at a gleaming uber chic restaurant replete with statement artwork just oh so perfectly placed above the heads of it’s sophisticated clientele. 
It’s a rare chance to be shown around Shoreditch by someone with as much insider knowledge as Pure Evil and everything he said from explaining techniques and progressions in this practice to recalling anecdotes about incidents that took place in the ‘early days’ was interesting.  So, while I may have not been tuned into the possibilities of 3D photography the multi-dimensional culture and visual dialogue between street artists that exists in this area was in full focus.

The Pure Evil street art tour was part of ANOTHER DIMENSION, a series of special events and an interactive gallery exhibition, to celebrate the Europe-wide 3D photography competition that is currently underway.
The best of the photographs created during the field trips will also be featured as part of a giant installation at The Loading Bay Gallery, The Old Truman Brewery, Dray Walk off Brick Lane, E1 6QL from 6 - 8 July.  For further information check out

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