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Imitate Modern & George Morton Clark
Imitate Modern present George Morton Clark’s latest collection ‘The Devils Cabinet’.  The collection of 22 captivating paintings show George’s exploration and analytical observation of the world we live in, as he puts a mirror up to the self indulgent and narcissistic “Me Generation”. Whether it is the ‘selfies’ that parade our vanity (testament to this, the word was recently added to the English Dictionary) or the desires to be famous and lead a lavish lifestyle we all secretly desire, George examines the darker side of our ‘nu’ culture. The exhibition is accompanied with a commentary from George himself relating to the work, as well as a quote from Dr. Rolf Lauter (A long believe in Morton Clark) “Morton-Clark’s painting is like a psychogram of society, a mirror of the tormented and excruciating psyche within the human being. With his influences of Arnulf Rainer, Jean-Michael Basquiat and street painters, his work shows a dispute with the honesty of the streets and the realities which are hidden behind the visible reality.”

Through this sounds of uncomfortable viewing, Morton-Clark emphasises the dark side of beauty though his work, drawing attention to the poetic beauty of decay, and says that whenever he creates something ‘nice’ he feels the need to mark it with a slash or mark of paint. What therefore may often been mistaken for an error or act of chance, is often the painting revealing itself. From the vibrant lime greens of “Santa, Jesus, Batman” to the rosy red and plush pinks of “Me” George masterfully injects a dark and sombre mood to a very vibrant colour palette. “The Devils Cabinet” also features Morton Clark’s iconic ‘collage’ style which sees him fuse together areas of hyper-realistic painting with primitive and often crudely abstract brush-strokes to create bold compositions that trick the eye to believe there is a use of more than just paint, and bring the collage aesthetic into the 21st century. 

The Exhibition runs 22nd February-22nd March and is on at Imitate Modern  Monday - Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm (27a Devonshire Street W1G 6PN)


Daniel Sachon 

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