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Christopher Ward London


Popped at Imitate Modern
"Popped" is a group show featuring seven international and London based artists. Each work is informed by, or comments on aspects of celebrity culture and lifestyle.In his brightly coloured paintings, Amar Stewart explores aspects of pop culture from Hip-Hop to Rock n’ Roll throug... more
Duke Of Uke - Summer Salon Nights
It’s show time at the Art Workers Guild Hall and the unmistakably Edwardian figure of Matthew Reynolds (the much bearded “Duke” incarnate and tonight’s compère) hoves into view. Surveying the sold out room he smiles beatifically, resembling one who has just heard that Shackleton’s party i... more
Billy Childish: A Short Study
By Neal Brown (The Aquarium) It’s another Boston Arms, dirty water Billy Childish night; those same three chords, biting joy, twenty years of dancing to the hip-shaking bone crunch in thee church of Billy C. I’m wondering how you’d explain the whirlwind of rock’n’roll force, this gig... more
Camera Obscura
My Maudlin Career (4AD) Tattooed in twee and unfairly compared to every Scottish group that went before them (most often fellow Glaswegians Belle & Sebastian), Camera Obscura once seemed destined never to find their own voice. With this, their fifth album, they appear to have finally shaken... more
SusannaThere’s a telling moment midway through tonight’s performance when drummer, Pal Hausken, with genuine concern in his voice, asks the audience, "Are you okay?" He is, effectively, checking the room for a pulse. It’s perfectly understandable in the circumstances, as there’s a... more
When asked if he listened to music whilst painting, Peter Doig replied 'don't all artists'? Art and music go hand in hand. Just look at the title of this magazine if you need any further proof. To acknowledge this, the Transition Gallery in East London has invited 68 artists to create visual art... more
Dynamite Fighter
boyleANDshaw Performance artists: Adam James, Jennie Fagerstrom, Malin Stahl, Anita Wernstrom.Curator: Alexandra McGilp GSK CONTEMPORARY, ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS 27/11/08 Performance Art pieces largely break down into two categories; either too little is happening or too much. Dynamite Fighter be... more
Demons Yarns & Tales
Demons, Yarns & Tales sees fifteen internationally renowned artists exploring an art form outside of their comfort zones. These experiments with tapestries were conceived by luminaries such as Kara Walker, Grayson Perry, Beatriz Milhazes and Fred Tomaselli and from there it w... more
Brian Griffiths Another End
Brian Griffiths’ solo show, Another End, was a recent outing from a flamboyant and consistent oeuvre. The show featured of a group of large sculptures that dominated the gallery space and posed a distinct alternative to a current prevailing trend for small, slight-of-hand objects. Tunde Yeboah had... more
Utopia - Roundhouse
Threadneedle Prize
Prestel Publishing
Mat Collishaw - New Art Gallery Walsall
The Holburne Museum