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An independent, coeducational, residential college founded more than 160 years ago, Albion is committed to the liberal arts tradition. Historically related to the United Methodist Church, the College is dedicated to preserving the values of the past, to serving the needs of the present and to anticipating the goals of the future.

Albion's History:
The College has a pioneering heritage, originally serving the educational needs of settlers' children and Indians alike. Albion also is one of the earliest Midwest schools to introduce coeducation. Thanks to the efforts of Methodists who were early settlers of Michigan Territory, the College was awarded a charter by the Michigan Territorial Legislature in 1835. Early attempts at coeducation were made in 1850 when the legislature approved the founding of the "Albion Female Collegiate Institute." This school for women was controlled by the Wesleyan Seminary corporation until 1857 when the two schools merged under the name of "The Wesleyan Seminary and Female College at Albion."

On February 25, 1861, Albion was fully authorized by the State legislature to ... [ Read All ]


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Our Aims

The Purpose of the College
Albion College is committed to liberal education in the arts and sciences. We believe such an education empowers individuals to live lives of constructive purpose and accomplishment, enriched by the confidence and pleasure that come from thinking logically, imaginatively and humanely. In light of this vision we seek to create and maintain, in a residential setting, a supportive, intellectually stimulating community which exhibits and prizes curiosity, creativity, dissent and diversity.

We believe in the fundamental worth of a broad exposure to intellectual and artistic achievement, to the best that has been thought and said about the world and our place in it. An Albion College education introduces students to classical modes of analysis, interpretation and argument; to unfolding scientific inquiry into the nature of the physical world; to the ways in which contemporary debates derive from and extend an historical but continuing dialogue about enduring questions.

At Albion College we invite students to engage in ongoing conversations centered upon their cultural heritage, yet responsive to global co...  [ Read All ]

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Location and Getting there

Directions to Albion College
Albion College is 90 miles west of Detroit and 175 miles east of Chicago on Interstate 94. It is easily accessible from Interstate 80/90 via Interstate 69. AMTRAK trains running between Detroit and Chicago stop daily in Albion. Nearby airports are located in Detroit, Lansing and Kalamazoo.

From eastbound I-94, take Exit 121 (Eaton Avenue/28 Mile Road) and turn right (south). Follow southbound Business I-94 to Michigan Avenue (M-99 East). Turn left (east) onto M-99. The campus will be on your right, between Huron and Mingo streets.

From westbound I-94, take Exit 124 (M-99) and turn right (south/west). Follow M-99 about three miles into town. The campus will be on your left, between Mingo and Huron Streets.

From northbound M-99, follow the highway into downtown Albion. Turn right (east) onto Erie Street. The main part of campus will be on your left, between Huron and Mingo Streets.  

Department and information about the department

The visual arts have always been an important part of human culture. Individual expression, the shaping of cultural values and the creation of beauty have been among the traditional functions of art. Artists invest objects with meaning, value and often beauty, through processes which are themselves laden with significance. When objects become part of the larger culture, artists and audiences interact with each other and with the world around them in ways that are aesthetically and intellectually enhanced. The arts ask us to see more clearly, think more deeply and respond with greater passion to the realities of human existence.

Integral to a liberal arts education, study of the arts encourages critical thinking, self-reflection, personal growth and the mastery of a variety of creative, intellectual and technical skills. In both art and art history courses, students gain abilities and confidence to conceive, analyze and understand works of art in a variety of forms and to pursue lifelong learning in the arts. Art courses encourage individual creativity, provide a foundation of skills to enable artists to create objects or perform...  [ Read All ]

Academic Staff and Description  

News and Events

The Art and Art History Department conducts a continuous exhibition program during the academic year. Art from collectors, artists and regional museums is exhibited regularly and the shows are augmented with selections from the College's permanent collection as well as the work of the art faculty and students.  

Information For  Undergraduates

At Albion students can pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in studio art or art history or a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in studio art. The BA degree includes a program of courses designed to introduce students to a wide variety of approaches, techniques and theories essential to them in the creation, study and enjoyment of art. The BFA curriculum provides a more specialized and intensive immersion in the arts and is intended to prepare students with demonstrated talent for graduate work in art or immediate entry into careers as working artists.  

Information For  International Students

Albion is ranked in the top one percent of all colleges that offer research at the undergraduate level. Our Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity offers opportunities to engage in real-world research as early as your second year (sophomore year), and you could earn over $3,300 during one of our summer sessions, researching your own interests in any academic field under the mentorship of a full-time faculty member.

Albion College is more than just studying! You’ll make lifelong friendships with students from around the world and with your professors as well! You can make your Albion experience uniquely yours.

For all the above reasons and more, students from around the globe have chosen Albion. They have recently come from Albania, Bulgaria, Chile, Ecuador, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Latvia, Nepal, Mexico, Pakistan, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.  


Student Support

Students and their families know that a college education is an investment that pays out a lifetime of rewards. In the months ahead, we will work together – your family and Albion College – to determine what your investment will be. Whether your family has very high need, or is expecting less need-based aid, the process is the same and is built upon three basic principles: time, content, and trust.  

Student Life

At Albion, we think education doesn't stop at the classroom door; it spills out into a wealth of opportunities within the campus community. In fact, Albion was recently voted as the #4 College or University in the country for "More To Do On Campus" by The Princeton Review! Our energetic, involved campus community puts the liberal arts to work in all facets of student life, allowing our students to express their individuality and develop leadership skills through a myriad of activities.

With over 100 student clubs and organizations, there is truly something for everyone at Albion. Love the outdoors? Try the canoe club! Want to make a difference in the community? Check out our numerous groups focused on community service. Love entertainment? The Union Board might be for you. At Albion, there are no limits - we want you to try everything!  


The residential campus provides opportunities for students to integrate the academic mission of the College with a community living environment. The Residential Life staff assists students in creating a living and learning environment. This includes attention to cross-culturalism, personal and community responsibility, and life planning.  

How To Apply

Your application to Albion College is reviewed after receipt of your completed application packet and supporting documentation. If any portion of your application packet needs further action by you, we will notify you in writing and/or via e-mail. As soon as the application is completed and received, it will be read and reviewed, and you will be notified by the Admissions Office. See below to find out when you need to get your application in and when you can expect to get your admission decision from us.  

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