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Atelier Stockholm is a school of fine art in Sweden focused on training students to draw and paint realistically using the traditional techniques of the Old Masters. This represents a unique opportunity, because for close to a century the artistic training offered in nearly every school and university in the world has been profoundly shaped and influenced by modernist thinking and theories. The precept “Out with the old and in with the new” was fervently embraced and traditional methods of instruction were discontinued and discarded. The natural result of this trend has been the loss of the traditional humanistic values, technical skills and craftsmanship that had been the hallmark of great art of the past for centuries before the great shift to modernism. Atelier Stockholm is devoted to preserving and fostering these traditional values and skills for those people who wish to create contemporary work using the rich and complex language of realistic drawing and painting.

The Atelier is proud to build upon the great legacy of traditional art and to continue that tradition by helping its students acquire the technic... [ Read All ]



Pipers Väg 165, 170 73 Solna
Phone: (46) 08-730 44 71
Website: http://www.atelierstockho

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Information For  Undergraduates

The training at Atelier Stockholm is designed to produce painters who are able to create personal, contemporary works that exhibit the same beauty, skill and craftsmanship as the Old Masters. Accordingly, students of Atelier Stockholm are taught using methods that have produced many of history's greatest masters.

The training and curriculum is created from the best and most effective traditional methods and techniques used in 19th-century European academies and private ateliers, the Russian academy, the apprentice system of the renaissance, the sight-size method and our faculty's own extensive experience both as students (such as their studies with Odd Nerdrum) and as instructors. The result is a rigorous and demanding system, which also offers the greatest flexibility to meet the specific needs of each student so that they progress at their own best pace.

The curriculum is designed as a systematic progression, which breaks down the altogether complex and intimidating challenge of learning to draw and paint realistically from life, into practical stages. Each stage requires that the student acquire and demonstrate spe...  [ Read All ]


Atelier Stockholm will assist foreign students in locating housing.


How To Apply


Full-time tuition is 85,000.-SEK (Swedish Kronor) per academic year, or 42,500.-SEK per semester.

Part-time tuition is 35,000.-SEK (Swedish Kronor) per academic year, or 11,667.-SEK per trimester

Academic Calendar
Fall trimester: Oct. 2 - Dec. 22.
Winter trimester: Jan. 8 - March 30.
Spring trimester: April 2 - June 22.
Summer break: June 23 - Sept. 30.

Student applications are accepted throughout the year.

You can download a copy of the application form at

or if you prefer, we can send an application form to you by mail.

Space is limited to a maximum of 18 students. You may e-mail to inquire if there are spaces available or when a space will next be available.

If there is no space available you may still apply and, if accepted, be placed on a wait-list until the next space becomes available.

How to Apply
1- Return the application form and five (5) photographs of your work to our office at:
Atelier Stockholm
Åldermansvägen 10, B
171 48 Solna, Stockholm

2- Upon acceptance, you will be requested t...  [ Read All ]