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The College of William and Mary, one of the nation's premier state-assisted liberal arts universities, believes that excellence in teaching is the key to unlocking intellectual and personal possibilities for students. Dedicated to this philosophy and committed to limited enrollment, the College provides high-quality undergraduate, graduate and professional education that prepares students to make significant contributions to the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nation. In recognition, the media have included William and Mary among the nation's prestigious "Public Ivys," and ranked it first among state institutions in terms of commitment to teaching.

Chartered on February 8, 1693, by King William III and Queen Mary II as the second college in the American colonies. Severed formal ties with Britain in 1776. Became state-supported in 1906 and coeducational in 1918. Achieved modern university status in 1967. Phi Beta Kappa, the nation's premier academic honor society, and the honor code system of conduct were founded at William and Mary.


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Location and Getting there

William and Mary is located 150 miles south of Washington, D.C., midway between Richmond and Norfolk on I-64. From I-64, take Exit 238. At the second set of lights (Route 132), turn right. Turn right again at the next set of lights (Route 60 Bypass). Follow Bypass Road to where it ends and intersects with Richmond Road. Turn left on Richmond Road. At the third set of lights, you will see the Walter F. Zable Stadium on the right. The Office of Undergraduate Admission is just beyond the light on the right in BLOW MEMORIAL HALL. Parking is available in front of Blow Memorial Hall or anywhere else on campus with a validated visitor's parking permit. Prospective students and their families may receive a parking permit from the Admission Office located in Blow Memorial Hall. Other visitors to the campus should visit the Office of Parking Services located at 201 Ukrop Way.  

Department and information about the department

Students in Art and Art History have developed careers in art, architecture, art history, museum work, teaching, and applied arts in business. A wide variety of programs can be developed from the offerings of the department to suit the individual needs of majors.

For purposes of double majoring, art and art history combines well with history, anthropology, literature, comparative literature, music and music history, classical studies and philosophy, psychology, and the sciences to give a student a breadth of knowledge and experience in comparable methodologies that leads to mutually reinforcing insights in both majors.

Students interested in elementary and secondary school teaching of art should elect the major in art. All members of the department are ready to offer advice on career plans in Art and Art History.  

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Information For  Undergraduates

The Department of Art and Art History offers two programs: Art and Art History. In each program, the student is required to complete ART 211, 212 and ARTH 251 and 252. It is to the advantage of the student to complete these courses by the end of the sophomore year.  

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Your college life is at the heart of your experience as an adult. Whether you're an alumnus or someone invested in WM and all it has to offer, reconnect. Recapture your life as a college student while discovering the WM of today.  

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Our office is dedicated to enhancing the quality of your college experience through student involvement, growth, and learning. Student Activities is committed to providing quality programs and services to the entire College family including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. Ultimately we attempt to promote respect, cultural diversity, and citizenship in our students by heightening their intellectual, cultural, physical, and social development.  


Residence Life at the College of William & Mary seeks to provide a safe and secure learning community that complements the mission of the College, cultivates an appreciation for diversity, and contributes to individual development.  

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