Daemen College

As a small liberal arts college Daemen offers a collegiate experience that is truly different and distinctive.

Of course we offer small classes, a personal feel, and one-on-one attention throughout our academic and student life programs.

Of course we have beautiful, high quality facilities and up-scale residence halls.

And of course we work hard to meet the individual needs of each of our students. But at Daemen, we don’t stop there.

Daemen College goes beyond simply being a small liberal arts school.

Our challenging academic programs and our exceptional co-op and internship programs are just a few of the things that set us apart.

Add to that our strong commitments to personal enrichment through service learning and international education and you have a combination that is unparalleled.


United States

4380 Main St
NY 14226
Phone: 716.839.8225
Website: http://www.daemen.edu

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At Daemen, art is seen as both a lifestyle and a life-work. As such, it calls for intense dedication, strong personal initiative and discipline, and, of course, talent. As an art or design student at Daemen, you will be continually challenged to find the creative solution. Your understanding of the history and tradition of art-making will expand through your studies and experiences here.


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Information For  Undergraduates

Degree Options:
The Bachelor of Fine Arts is offered to students interested in becoming professional artists. Specializations in Painting, Sculpture, Drawing/Illustration, or Printmaking prepare you for professional studio work or for acceptance into graduate programs.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design integrates a solid foundation in fine art skills with the practical, technical, and conceptual skills required for your success in business and industry.

The Bachelor of Science in Art Education is based on the philosophy that competent art teachers are also practicing artists. Upon successful completion of degree requirements, you will receive provisional New York State certification to teach at the childhood and adolescence level.


Information For  International Students

Daemen College is home to many international students from around the globe and we take pride in the role our international students play on our campus. As active leaders, outstanding athletes, and committed students, our international students truly contribute to the character that is Daemen College.




Student Life

An important part of your college experience happens outside of the classroom, and we hope you get involved in the different student organizations and the variety of activities that Daemen offers. We are a small school with a world of opportunities for you to take advantage of. Be open to new experiences and embrace the diversity of the college. You will be exposed to different ideas, different kinds of music, art, food, and activities. Try new things and challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone. This is what college life is all about!




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Daemen College sits in a beautiful, fun, and safe location! But it's not just our great location and facilities that make our campus a wonderful place to be. It’s our students, faculty, staff, traditions, and campus energy that make Daemen an outstanding place to live and learn. Check out our virtual tour and schedule a campus visit to experience the heart of Daemen College for yourself.


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