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The year 1917 was a year of revolution and war—revolution in Russia and, for Americans, first-hand encounter with modern warfare as the U.S. entered World War I. It seems, in retrospect, an inauspicious time for pacifist Mennonites who abhor war and revolution to be launching a new educational venture. But the people of God respond to a time clock governed by faith.

Therefore, the humble beginning of Eastern Mennonite University in the peaceful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia provides a moving counterpoint to a year of rapine and violence seldom matched in the annals of human history.

Eastern Mennonite School, as it was first called, began as a Bible academy and is now a fully accredited university with over 1,400 students in the undergraduate, seminary and graduate programs. EMU was founded to provide a setting for young men and women of the Mennonite Church to deepen their biblical faith, study the liberal arts and gain specific skills in a variety of professions.

That tri-part objective has remained central to the purpose of the university, and its history is the story of an everbro... [ Read All ]


United States

1200 Park Road
VA 22802 - 2462
Phone: (540) 432-4000
Fax: (540) 432-4444
Website: http://www.emu.edu

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Our Aims

EMU educates students to live in a global context. Our Anabaptist Christian community challenges students to pursue their life calling through scholarly inquiry, artistic creation, guided practice, and life-changing cross-cultural encounter. We invite each person to experience Christ and follow His call to:

- witness faithfully,
- serve compassionately, and
- walk boldly in the way of nonviolence and peace.


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Department and information about the department

The Visual and Communication Arts Department (VACA) offers majors in studio art, art education, communication, digital media and photography. These majors provide preparation for students to pursue professional jobs in a variety of careers and to pursue graduate work in a variety of programs.

In the context of an Anabaptist Christian university students are pushed to go beyond the aesthetic to consider the community and the global aspects of their work. VACA encourages students to be transformers of cultural and community landscapes. In order to serve in this way, image-makers need more than technical competency. They need to possess a conceptual and aesthetic framework that will allow them to communicate effectively, passionately and ethically. While intellectually rigorous, the VACA faculty seeks to nurture a profound appreciation for the spiritual, emotive and poetic aspects of human existence. The visual arts at EMU help students encounter a much bigger world that cannot always be described in logical terms. This requires that students explore: the ethical and cultural problems inherit in mass communication and the art...  [ Read All ]

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Information For  International Students

As part of its Christian perspective, EMU emphasizes the value in relating with people of all nationalities and cultures. Every EMU student is required to participate in cross-cultural studies (optional for internationals). Most students fulfill this requirement by studying for a semester in another country. This gives EMU students an understanding of what it is like to live in a culture unlike their own. This understanding contributes to an environment where international students are able to feel comfortable being a part of the EMU community. It also provides an opportunity for international students to expand their experience beyond the United States if they so desire.



The purpose of the Alumni Association is promote friendship among Eastern Mennonite University alumni, to support them in their professions and ministries and foster good will toward the university.


Student Support

Success! That's what the Academic Support Center is all about; it's a resource for all students and staff.

Center staff counsel and serve all students. They especially serve as advocates for: conditionally admitted students and those with learning disabilities or attention deficit disorders to assist them in their transition into college and in meeting their academic goals.


Student Life

We in Student Life aim to help students with co-curricular and extra-curricular needs.

Our goal is that each student become a whole person — physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally.



Higher education is a 24-hour experience. Some of this experience takes place in the classroom, but an equally important part of the experience occurs in non-academic settings, including the residence hall.

EMU is a Christian residential school committed to the education of the whole person. Here students face the challenges of personal growth and group sharing as they respond to the invitation to understand and respect each other.

A sense of belonging and community develops as students are exposed to differences in backgrounds, ideas, beliefs and personalities.

As students learn to live with these differences, they learn more about themselves. The residence experience fosters social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth.


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