Escola Superior De Disseny De Les Illes Balears

The Escola Superior de Disseny de les Illes Balears has a long history. The Palma-based school originated in the free drawing school founded by the Friends Society in 1779. One of the school's great supporters was Cardinal Antoni Despuig who bought and conserved the reproductions of the Roman statutes that he later gifted the school.

In 1849 the old school became the Academia de Nobles Artes de Palma, making it one of the oldest art academies in Spain. Amongst the professors and academics who passed through the academy are Faust Morell i Orlandis, Pere d’Alcàntara Penya, Ricard Anckerman i Riera, Llorenç Cerdà Bisbal and the architect Guillem Forteza.

In 1904 the school was renamed School of Arts and Industry and in 1910 changed its name once again to School of Arts and Trades with the aim of teaching the scientific and artistic knowledge that constitute the basis of the manual arts industry. In 1916 the school moved to its present location in Institut Balear, 5 in Palma.

In 1963 the need to regularise the school's study plan led to a change of name once again to School of Applied Ar... [ Read All ]

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