Escola D'Art I Superior De Disseny DeiĆ 

The Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseno Deia is the only official school in Barcelona that exclusively specialises in advanced studies and Grado Superior diplomas in Interior Design.

Our teaching method is structured to give the student the knowledge and technical, cultural and artistic techniques that form professionals in the design world. Particular emphasis is given to new technologies, a fundamental tool for future designers.

The relationship between student and the business or professional world is encouraged via work experience in the design sector. The school also favours extra curricular activities such as visits to exhibitions or to design-based businesses, cultural trips, conferences and talks.



C/ Deia 28-38
Phone: 933 546 073
Fax: 932 762 386

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Location and Getting there

C/ Deia 28-38
08016 Barcelona

Metro: Llucmajor, Virrei Amat

Tel: (34)933 546 073
Fax: (34)932 762 386

Academic Staff and Description

Our academic staff come from arquitecture, interior design, history of art and fine arts backgrounds. Their qualifications and experience give the students a broader vision of design.  

Information For  Undergraduates

The school offers one advanced studies course in Interior Design, equivalent to a university diploma, and three Grado Superior diplomas in design-based subjects.

Advanced Studies in Interior Design:
This course aims to prepare design professionals qualified in improving the creation, elaboration and use of industrial products and services through the development of creative, expressive and technological research.
The course lasts 2730 hours, broken down into 273 credits (240 on course subjects, 30 on work experience and 3 on the final project).
For a more detailed breakdown of course subjects:

Grado Superior Diplomas in Interior Design:
These courses aim to capacitate students to exercise a determined professional artistic activity through the adquisition and domination of the artistic techniques and knowledge of tools and materials necessary to carry out their trade.
The three courses offered are -
Decoration, Projects and Direction
Ephemeral Arquitecture

Each course lasts 1950 hours (1800 on course subjects, 60 on work experience and 90 on private tuto...  [ Read All ]

Student Facilities

Conference Room: This space is used for cultural activities such as conferences, exhibitions, presentations and parties. It is the biggest space in the centre and is therefore often used to complement course modules that include project work or expression of volume and to create simulations of life-size constructions.

Information Centre: There are two information centres used principally to give audiovisual classes such as technical drawing. Computers are equipped with all necessary programmes and with a ratio of one per student.

Computer Room: Three rooms equipped with computers and printers to be used freely by students to complete and practise theories studied in courses.

Volume and Scale Workshop: This space is used to give the volume class and to make the scale models required during the presentation of projects. It includes all instruments and machinery necessary to the manipulation and transformation of materials and construction.  

How To Apply

Advanced Studies in Interior Design:

Grado Superior Diplomas in Interior Design: