Escola D'Art I Superior De Disseny De València

The Valencia School of Art and College of Design (Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny de València) is a centre which offers qualified instruction in the different areas of design, creation and the visual arts.

Throughout its 150 years of history, the school has experimented with a variety of different pedagogical approaches, always centred on direct instruction and hands-on practice. It has also been known under different names - up until quite recently it was known as the Valencia School of Applied Arts and Artistic Crafts - but has always been centred around the work of a team of professionals and instructors involved in an approach to teaching related to the social, productive and cultural environment. A large proportion of Valencian professionals working in the field of design today received their training in the school.

The Valencia School of Art and College of Design is a public institution dependent on the Generalitat Valenciana, or Regional Government. Studies offered in the school are within the framework set forth for the area of instruction in Visual Arts and Design regulated by the LOGSE (G... [ Read All ]



C/ Pintor Domingo, 20
Phone: 0034 963 156 700
Fax: 0034 963 620 611
Website: http://www.easdvalencia.c

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Our Aims

With the publication of the LOGSE in 1990 and of the legislation relating to the Upper Level Studies in Design in 1999, a new framework in the regulation of this area of education was defined. The educational offering in our Centre has since been organized on two levels:
- training in the visual arts, in what is referred to as the Training Cycles, leading to a degree as Higher Technician or Técnico Superior (equivalent to the former Graduate in Applied Arts and Artistic Crafts)

- training in the disciplines of Design, in what are referred to as Upper Level Studies in Design, leading to the Higher Diploma in Design, or Diplomado Superior de Diseño (equivalent to a university diploma).

In this way the Centre offers two areas of study which are differentiated in levels and in the degree offered, although inspired by the same spirit of creativity and social effectiveness that has defined our institution through the years.  

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Location and Getting there

The school has two sites, which are situated in different parts of the city of Valencia - Vivers and Velluters.

Centre Vivers
C/ Pintor Domingo, 20
46001 Valencia
Tel. 963 156 700
Fax: 963 156 701

The Vivers building is where courses in the visual arts within the framework of the different Training Cycles are taught (Artistic Photography, Artistic Jewellery and Applied Arts in Sculpture).

This building has been, since its construction in the seventies, the principal headquarters of the School (then known as the Escola d'Arts Aplicades i Oficis Artístics [School of Applied Arts and Artistic Crafts]). It is situated in the Vivers quarter, an area of the city which extends along the left banks of the Turia River, linked to the old centre by two historic bridges known as the Trinitat and the Real. On the same banks of the river are the Design Centre, the Gothic Monastery of the Trinitat (a monastery of nuns with literary prestige), the Fine Arts Museum (housed in an old Baroque seminary), and the Royal Gardens, an extensive green zone situated on the land where the Royal Palace of the city once stood. The school is situat...  [ Read All ]

Department and information about the department

The different academic subjects that make up the curriculum are organized into departments. Each department is made up of teachers who impart the subjects included in a given area of concentration, as follows:

Department of Expression and Representation
Department of Applied Sciences and Technology
Department of History of Art and Design
Department of Social Sciences
Department of Projects and Research

Each of these departments prepares and develops the programs of the different subjects they impart in the Training Cycles as well as in the Upper Level Design Courses. Their work consists of setting the contents, the methodologies and the criteria for evaluation for each one of the subjects. These aspects are discussed, decided and adopted with a common criteria by all of the teachers, in accordance with what is prescribed in the legal framework, and the concept and teaching philosophy set forth by the school. In this way the cohesion and complementarity of the different subjects in the complete training of the student is guaranteed.

Each department has a Department Head, elected from amongst its members. The Head of...  [ Read All ]

Academic Staff and Description

The school's teaching staff make up what is referred to as the Claustro. The Claustro holds regular meetings of all teaching staff, convened and presided over by the director of the school, in which issues relative to teaching in the school are dealt with (teaching guidelines to be followed in the centre are debated and decided upon in the Claustro), teachers' timetables for each academic year are approved, and questions and issues of general interest which require the information or the opinion of the teachers are put forward. Decisions which affect the Claustro are decided upon by vote of the members of the teaching staff.

The Claustro meets at least once every three-month period, and always at the beginning of the academic year.  

Information For  Undergraduates

Students undertake studies at our school with the goal of preparing themselves to work in a profession related to design and creation.

Their studies at the School consist of a period of academic training, with a set minimum duration of two years, for the Training Cycles, and three for the Upper Level Studies in Design, and in addition a period dedicated to the preparation of a Final Course Project (FCP), the duration of which cannot be more than one academic year.

Graphic Design
Product Design
Interior Design
Fashion Design
The aim of these courses is to provide comprehensive training of professionals in the different areas of design, professionals who develop creative, technological, pedagogical and research capabilities, applied to industrial and aesthetic innovation, and who are able to contribute to resolving the problems of design, and of improving the quality of production in all of these areas.
The courses are organised over a period of three academic years (with a total academic load of 270 credits) plus an FCP, with a total academic load of 3 credits (each credit is the equivalent ...  [ Read All ]

Information For  International Students

Candidates coming from educational systems different from the Spanish system must take an entrance exam and then register for courses on the scheduled dates. In order to certify a level of previous studies equivalent to those required within the Spanish educational system, studies must be validated through the Spanish Embassy in the country of origin, or validation requested at the following address:

Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia
Dirección General de Educación, Formación del Profesorado e Innovación Educativa
Subdireción General de Acción Educativa
Servicio de Enseñanza de Ordenación Académica de Enseñanzas Artísticas
C/ Los Madrazo, 15-17
28014 MADRID

This validation of studies is an indispensable requirement for entry to the school. Once this is granted by the Ministry, the candidate can contact the school in order to formalise the official registration.

The school carries out exchange programs for students within the Erasmus Plan of the European Union. These exchanges are carried out only with those centres with which we have established bilateral agreements. Students from these schools who wish to ...  [ Read All ]


Students who need to find housing in the city are able to stay, on a temporary basis, at the Alberg Juvenil Ciutat de València, which is located in the historical centre of the city, in the same area as the Velluters building. These are very good installations and the prices are very reasonable.

Alberg Juvenil Ciutat de València
Balmes, 17
46001 Valencia
Tel: (+0034) 963 925 100

Students interested in finding flats for rent can make use of the Borsa d'Habitatge (Housing Agency) offered by the University of Valencia through the CADE (Student Advisory Centre). Through this Agency students are able to find a multitude of flats of different types, in different areas of the city.

CADE Borsa d'Habitatge
Aulari III
Menéndez y Pelayo, s/n
46010 Valencia
Tel: (+0034) 963 864 771

How To Apply

The academic course begins on the 1st October and finishes on the 30th September.

In order to undertake these studies, students must register for the corresponding subjects for each academic year, once the pertinent entrance examinations have been successfully completed.

Entrance to the courses offered in the school can be realized in a number of ways:

1. By taking the entrance examinations established for the two levels of study that are offered at the school: Training Cycles and Upper Levels in Design. These entrance exams cover different levels of previous studies. In order to take these exams, it is necessary to pre-register, and once the exams are passed, the candidate can register on the scheduled dates and times.

2. Students who are in the process of studying these same courses of study in other Spanish Official Schools of Art can continue them in our centre by requesting in the offices of our Secretary (by letter) to have their records transferred to our School. This will be granted on the basis of the possibilities of space and the interests of the centre.

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