Escuela De Arte De Guadalajara

The Escuela de Arte de Guadalajara incorporates many different levels of teaching in the arts with the aim of forming professionals in the field.

This learning curve contributes to responsible citizenship and, above all, to a capacity for lifelong learning. Our study plan is designed for those students who would like to complete their academic studies with the Bachillerato or Vocational Courses in the visual arts and design. But it is also designed for people who already practise a profession and would like to embark upon another in order to fulfil their creative urges.

The school also seeks to contribute to the dynamic artistic environment in the region by involving itself in exchanges with other institutions, businesses and educational centres that promote different forms within the creative process.



Plaza de Ceuta y Melilla, 6-7
Castilla-La Mancha
Phone: 0034 949 255 933
Fax: 0034 949 214 768

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Our Aims

Our aim is to help students develop the personal qualitites that will allow them to enter the workforce or continue their education at university level.  

Sample Student Art Work (10)

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Location and Getting there

Plaza de Ceuta y Melilla, 6-7
19005 Guadalajara
(Castilla-La Mancha) SPAIN

Tel: (+34) 949 255 933
Fax: (+34) 949 214 768

Department and information about the department

The school is divided into two departments:
Department of Graphic Design
Department of Bachillerato de Artes  

Information For  Undergraduates

BACHILLERATO DE ARTES (equivalent to US High School Certificate or UK A'Level Art):
The Bachillerato de Artes is an intermediate stage of study for those students who wish to go on to higher level studies in the arts. Its completion certifies sufficient academic maturity and preparation to go on to Upper Level Vocational Courses, Advanced Level Studies in Art and Design or access to university courses.
The course is split into two cycles, usually lasting one year each and incorporating the following modules.
Core Modules - Physical Education, Philosophy, Language and Literature, Foreign Language, Religious Studies (or Studio activities) and History.
Core Art Modules - Artistic Drawing, Technical Drawing, Volume, History of Art, Design Basics, Visual-Graphic Expression Techniques and Image.
Options - Photography, Engraving, Computer Design, Volume, Systems of Representation and Information Media.

The Vocational Courses from the Graphic Design family prepare the student for direct entry into the workforce in a professional field in constant expansion.
This middle-level vocational training course prepares ...  [ Read All ]

How To Apply

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