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Finlandia University offers students a diverse curriculum and an atmosphere that is supportive and friendly to each of its 550 students. The intimate learning environment that our students find in our small classes, and the relationships and friendships they forge with their classmates and employees of the university last a lifetime. If you are looking for approachable faculty, the opportunity to experience our academic excellence, and the chance to gain the skill and knowledge base to make you successful in the 21st century, Finlandia is the place for you.

The Finlandia campus is in the heart of Northern Michigan's beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula. This rugged finger of land jutting out into the deep blue waters of Lake Superior affords a bounty of recreational activities that appeal to a vast number of interests.

The sister towns of Hancock and Houghton have education driven economies and are considered by many to be one college town. This results in the provision of many urban activities, from concerts in the parks to symphonies in the auditoriums. The Hancock - Houghton area has historically been ref... [ Read All ]


United States

601 Quincy Street
MI 49930
Phone: (906) 487-7274
Fax: (906) 487-7509

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Our Aims

Since its founding in 1896, Finlandia University has remained committed to the mission of its forefathers: A Learning Community Dedicated to Academic Excellence, Spiritual Growth and Service.

Finlandia is the only private school in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. Affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in American (ELCA), and with a proud Lutheran and Finnish heritage, the university takes pride in being the only institution of higher learning in America to be founded by Finns.

Finlandia’s campus setting is on the rugged finger of land known to the locals as the “Keweenaw Peninsula” in the small city of Hancock in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Visitors to campus have told us what they like best: ‘the friendly people’, ‘the feeling of safety’ and one-of-a-kind area that can only be found on the “Keweenaw”.

Finlandia offers nine academic programs of study, leading to baccalaureate degrees in Art and Design (BFA), Business Administration (BBA), Elementary Education (BA), Liberal Studies (BA), Liberal Studies-ACE! (BA), Nursing (BSN), Rural Human Services (BA), and associate degrees in Crimi...  [ Read All ]

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Location and Getting there

Academic Program Information

Finlandia University Admissions Office
601 Quincy Street
Hancock, MI 49930
Local (906) 487-7274
Toll free 1-877-202-5491


Department and information about the department

The International School of Art & Design at Finlandia University will be the school of choice for motivated, creative individuals who see art and design as socially significant activities. Faculty, students, and alumni will contribute to the spiritual, environmental, cultural, and economic well-being of local, regional, and national communities. Unique, due to its synthesis of American and Finnish curricula, the International School of Art & Design will provide global leadership in entrepreneurial ventures intended to improve quality of life.

This is our vision statement. It’s what defines us, not only as artists and educators, but as vital contributors to our communities, local and global. We’re looking for students who share our vision – students with a passion for art and for life – self-motivated and dedicated students who understand that anything worth having is worth working for. We’re looking for students with a conscientious manner, unconventional approach and environmentally sensitive awareness. We’re looking for students with a desire to become more than they think is possible.

Academic Staff and Description  

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News and Events  

Information For  Undergraduates

Ceramic/Glass Design

Art exists in many forms. Today, artists working in the ceramics area are expressing a myriad of ideas and pushing these ideas in many directions. These directions lead to careers as production potters, ceramic sculptors, glaze specialists, interior designers, or gallery owners - just to name a few. The interplay of an artist’s ideas in collaboration with the raw material is the key to advancing artistic expression.

Majoring in Ceramic/Glass Design, you will define ideas in a timeless medium that offers many exciting opportunities. As you progress through the ceramics program, we will guide you through defining a direction, understanding variables and requirements, conceptualizing and evaluating alternatives, and testing and refining solutions. In working with clay, water and fire, you immerse yourself in the mystical and magical elements of the medium. You will explore using clay with other materials such as clay and wood, clay and fiber and clay and metal. You will learn the cultural history of clay as an expressive and utilitarian material. Ceramics majors also have the opportunity to study ceram...  [ Read All ]

Information For  International Students

International Students
A completed admission file includes an application for admission, $30 (US) application fee, certified sealed transcripts from all institutions where previous academic work has been completed (includes high school/secondary school, college and university), and a certified sealed diploma. Entrance to all undergraduate programs requires a paper-based TOEFL score of 500 or a computer-based score of 173 for students whose native language is not English or whose primary language of instruction was not English. After admission has been granted to an international student, the following documents are required to issue an I-20 immigration form: completed Finlandia University financial support form, an original bank statement showing support in US funds for one academic year, and a statement from a doctor testifying to the good health of the student. International students must show proof of medical insurance upon arrival. The policies on transferring credit from universities outside of the United States and Canada are listed in the Academic Information section of this publication.  [ Read All ]


Student Facilities

Comprised of a mixture of historic architecture and modern facilities, the Finlandia campus provides a mixture of comfort and aesthetic appeal. Nestled in the hills surrounding Portage Lake, an inspiring vista can be enjoyed from many locations on campus, especially the student residence. The campus' small size, comparable to an average city block, offers convenience, while its closeness to downtown Hancock provides diversity for the student's lifestyle.  

Student Support

Co-Curricular/Support Programs

Food Service
Food service typically services faculty, staff and student body three delicious meals a day in both Finlandia and Mannerheim Café with a variety of entrées and ala carte selections. Food service also tantalizes the taste buds with menus for theme dinners and catered meals.

Campus Safety and Security
The Department of Campus Safety and Security works with other campus departments to maintain a safe and secure learning environment. The department works closely with area law enforcement and emergency response agencies to ensure protection. A safe environment is a key feature of both our university and local community.

Health Services
Portage Health Systems is located close to the Finlandia University campus and the emergency room is open 24 hours a day. To contact the emergency room, call (906) 483-1111. The Portage Medical Clinic also provides medical services. To contact the clinic call the Hancock Office, (906) 483-1060.

All full-time students are covered by an Accident & Sickness Insurance Plan while enrolled for classes at Finlandia University. The insurance plan is sup...  [ Read All ]

Student Life

Finlandia University offers many on-campus activities that provide students the opportunity to exercise their social skills in conjunction with educational programs, volunteer opportunities, and leadership experiences. Activities are organized using a student wellness model that serves the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social needs of students. Most on-campus activities are free to the Finlandia community (all students, faculty and staff). In addition, Finlandia offers ample opportunities for students to be involved in student government, clubs, and organizations.  


Plug into the residence life experience at Finlandia University. Our resident students enjoy the clean, quiet, safe, fun and caring environment provided in the university's residence hall, Finlandia Hall. Finlandia Hall offers co-ed living to our residents, with double occupancy suite style rooms that are spacious, clean and wired with high speed internet connections for those who wish to log-on from their dorm rooms. Each of the three floors is staffed by a Resident Assistant who is there to lend a hand, ensure compliance with university policies, and offer help and guidance to those who study at Finlandia. Finlandia Hall's fourth floor is designated as a 24-hour quiet floor, offering those who enjoy a more peaceful living experience the environment they desire. Single rooms are available, however, these rooms come with an additional cost and are limited by space and availability.

Students who live in the residence hall have the opportunity to spend their out-of-class lives forging new friendships with fellow students, getting involved in student activities and organizations. They become a part of a healthy learning environment ...  [ Read All ]

How To Apply  

Visit us (open days)

March 15-17, 2007
All students who wish to attend the Open House are required to contact the Office of Admissions to register. Call toll-free at 877-202-5491 or email at Those who register will receive a complete packet of materials in the mail including campus and area maps, directions and information about the Open House Weekend. Call or email to register today! Parents who wish to accompany their son/daughter to the Open House are welcome to eat breakfast in the Mannerheim Cafeteria on Friday morning, March 16, at 8am. A campus tour and a question and answer session will follow the breakfast for any parents who wish to participate, and the Financial Aid Workshop at 1115am and the Lunch with the Faculty at 12pm are also open to parents.  

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