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Marywood University, Scranton, Pennsylvania prepares students to have a positive impact on society at regional and global levels while providing each student with the foundation for success in an interdependent world. Marywood University is coeducational, comprehensive, residential, and Catholic. Founded in 1915 by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the University serves men and women from a variety of backgrounds and religions. The University enrolls over 3,000 students in an array of undergraduate and graduate programs. Committed to enriching human lives through ethical and religious values and a tradition of service and motivated by a pioneering, progressive spirit, Marywood provides a framework for educational excellence that enables students to develop fully as persons and to master professional and leadership skills necessary for meeting human needs.

Academic Programs

Marywood's programs are administered through four degree-granting colleges. Undergraduate degrees are offered in over 50 academic programs including the arts, sciences, music, fine arts, social work, and nursing.... [ Read All ]


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Our Aims

Catholic university sponsored by the Congregation of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Marywood University roots itself in the principle of justice and a belief that education empowers people. Enacting its ideals, Marywood offers students a welcoming and supportive community that encourages men and women of all backgrounds to shape their lives as leaders in service to others. Proud of its liberal arts tradition and host of professional disciplines, Marywood challenges students to broaden their understanding of global issues and to make decisions based on spiritual, ethical, and religious values. Marywood calls upon students to seek their full potential and invites all to engage in a lifelong process of learning. Witnessing the efficacy of teaching and scholarship, Marywood educates students to live responsibly in a diverse and interdependent world.

Goals and Objectives
Goal 1 Provide a values based context for university experiences.

A majority of students will participate in service opportunities in an on-going way.
Students will demonstrate an understanding of the ethical dimensions of their fields o...  [ Read All ]

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Location and Getting there

Marywood's campus is located in the northeast section of Scranton (population 78,000). The campus is 120 miles west of New York City, 115 miles north of Philadelphia and 60 miles south of Binghamton, and is easily accessible by automobile, bus, and, with the assistance of surface transportation, by air.  

Department and information about the department

The programs in Art are designed to help students attain full development ascreative persons through the integration of art studies with the total concept of a liberalarts education. It is through the creative, aesthetic dimension of human intelligence that greatness in culture is born. The human person communicates this dimension through theprocess of art. The artist, in his/her quest for a common abstraction or “truth” innature and in humanity, functions to challenge and set standards of excellence in all aspects of human endeavor.

Through critical awareness and understanding of the physical world and its relationship to social, ethical, and economic conditions, the art student begins this quest. Artistic (creative) potential lies, often dormant, within every person from any cultural background or educational exposure. Once released, this powerful communication form reveals each individual’s cohesive relationship to the world in all its diversity and enables the artist as a more “fully developed” person to foster quality in and respect for, life. By virtue of its diversity art applauds differences as well as similari...  [ Read All ]

Academic Staff and Description

Faculty members in the Visual Arts Department are committed, caring, and creative. They teach classes; advise on course selection, internship opportunities, and portfolio development; and instruct in the use of appropriate technology for various art and design areas.

In addition, they continue to develop their own aesthetic visions. In the past three years, a dozen faculty have exhibited their work in national and international exhibitions; and faculty have been featured in Artists Magazine, Art in America, Fiber Arts, Ceramic Monthly, Metalsmith, American Craft and Step by Step.  

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Student Facilities

You'll find an amazing array of advanced technological support for art studies at Marywood. Each area of emphasis is supported by superb facilities; as you advance through the program, you'll have access to increasingly sophisticated equipment. Computer resources include AutoCAD software, web design, layout applications, and technology for graphic design, photography, illustration, and interior architecture majors.

You'll also find weaving looms and blueprint machines; a photography studio with black and white and color darkrooms and an advanced lighting studio; a ceramic studio equipped for a wide variety of techniques; a foundry with metalworking facilities; and sculpture and painting studios.  

Student Support

The Student Life Division contributes to the fulfillment of the University's goals through an integrated program of services and activities designed to enhance student learning and personal development. The staff's foremost goal is to foster student growth in varied settings and to complement the University's holistic approach to learning. Steeped in the IHM tradition of commitment to service and to spiritual and ethical values development, the Student Life staff collaborates with students and faculty to determine student learning needs and to address them effectively with educationally purposeful activities, programs and services.  

Student Life

The Center for Student Activities and Leadership Development supports the University's academic mission and complements the mission set forth by the Division of Student Life. To fulfill our commitment to student learning, the office promotes engagement and participation in the social, cultural, and intellectual life of the University, while instilling in students the capacity for both independent and collaborative action. As the principal advisor to student organizations, the office fosters qualities of character, civility, and scholarship. This is achieved through student involvement and leadership development opportunities that form an integral component of each student's educational experience.  


Living on campus can provide many new freedoms and personal choices. We encourage our students to use their time in residential housing to participate in activities, develop new friendships and learn more about themselves and others who live in their community.  

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