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When we say "The Future is Here," it’s with good reason. Preparing students from diverse backgrounds to move into satisfying careers is our hallmark. Whether you are a recent high school graduate or a mid-career professional, Midlands Technical College is committed to giving you a high-quality, practical education.


The present-day Midlands Technical College is the product of a rich and unique history. In 1964, three separate career-oriented institutions merged to form Midlands Technical College (MTC), a comprehensive two-year college providing career and transfer education. MTC is now part of the South Carolina Technical College System. One of South Carolina’s largest two-year colleges, Midlands Technical College enrolls approximately 11,000 students seeking to develop career-skills or transfer to a four-year institution. With the latest technology and a diverse learning environment, the college makes higher education affordable, convenient and readily accessible. Midlands Technical College prides itself on excellence in curriculum, staffing, equipment and service to its student body and the... [ Read All ]

West Columbia

United States

1260 Lexington Dr.
SC 29170
Phone: (803)738-8324
Fax: (803)738-7784
Website: http://www.midlandstech.e

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Our Aims

Midlands Technical College is a comprehensive, multi-campus, public, two-year college serving the primary region of Richland, Lexington and Fairfield counties of South Carolina. College programs and services provide accessible, affordable, high quality post-secondary education that prepares a diverse student population to enter the job market, transfer to senior colleges and universities, and achieve their professional and personal goals. Through its programs and services, the college equitably provides higher education opportunities and strengthens the economic and social vitality of the community.

Midlands Technical College will be an innovative leader in creating effective learning environments, enhancing individual success, promoting economic vitality and providing opportunities for lifelong education.


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Location and Getting there

Midlands Technical College
P.O. Box 2408
Columbia, SC 29202

Tel: (803)738-8324
FAX: (803)738-7784
TDD: (803)822-3401
Toll-free: (800)922-8038


Airport Campus:
1260 Lexington Dr.
West Columbia, SC 29170

Beltline Campus:
316 South Beltline Bvd.
Columbia, SC 29205


Department and information about the department

In the Humanities Department, we are dedicated to helping our students broaden their understanding of themselves and others through the study of diverse cultures, foreign languages, artistic perspectives, and philosophical foundations.

The Humanities Department teaches courses in many disciplines including : Fine Arts, Humanities, Language and Communication. Some of these classes include practical experience in areas such as drawing, painting, acting and learning to play the guitar. Please see the Course Information page for more explanation and descriptions. Our courses transfer for credit to four year college and universities. Please check to see which ones are on-campus, online, or hybrid.

Academic Staff and Description


News and Events


Information For  Undergraduates

The Humanities Department was formed in 1993, and includes courses in many disciplines: Fine Arts (art, music, theater), Humanities (history, philosophy, religion), Language and Communication (speech, Spanish, French, other Foreign Languages). The mission of the Humanities Department is to enable students to:

Understand their place in history
Develop their personal philosophy and ethic
Appreciate the arts as consistent parts of their lives
Acknowledge the multicultural and global dimensions of their world
Increase their self-confidence and competence in public appearances
Use both cultural understanding and linguistic ability to communicate with speakers of other languages
Analyze, interpret, and refine ideas and experiences
Actively integrate cultural material into their own experience through reading, writing, speaking, and performing


Information For  International Students

The International Relations Club has been one of the most active student group on campus for the past six years. The club draws its membership from both local and international students, and its projects are usually run by teams from both groups. Projects include monthly dinners, conversation partners, two presentations each semester, field trips, and a major event each semester. The Student Committee of the faculty’s International Committee sponsors an international film series and a series on music from various cultures; both are well attended.


Student Facilities

Involvement can be the key to collegiate success! Students who are active in extracurricular activities can be more competitive for valuable scholarships and other achievement-based programs. Not only will you gain confidence as you connect with students, faculty and staff, you can also add valuable experience to your resume. Find one of the student organizations listed below that suits you best. Contact the advisor and you're on your way to leadership and collegiate success.

African-American Club. The purpose of the African-American Club is to expand the channels of communication among students, faculty and staff, and provide education about African-American history and achievements. The Advisors are Ivory Johnson 822-3390, Henry Bracey 738-7621, and Tara Houston 822-3632.

Campus Crusade for Christ. Campus Crusade for Christ has been established to encourage Christian growth and fellowship among student and provide opportunities for dialogue regarding the relevancy of Jesus Christ to students' lives. The Advisors are Noel Caldwell 788-5259 or 210-7385 & Kari Beaty 822-344...  [ Read All ]

Student Support


Student Life

One of the most enjoyable aspects of studying at Midlands Technical College is the whole campus experience - not just the quality of the education you're receiving.

College will be quite different to your educational experience so far, and it can take a little while to adjust. That's why we thought you might like a brief introduction to just some of the many aspects of life at MTC.



Midlands Technical College is a nonresidential institution and does not maintain residential facilities. Therefore, students are expected to provide their own off-campus housing. The Student Activities Office keeps copies of the Apartment Finders Magazine and the Apartment Guide available for students and posts notices for anyone interested in listing an apartment of rent or looking for a roommate. This information can also be accessed on the Student Activities website: www.midlandstech.edu/studentactivities.


How To Apply

Step by step instructions on how to apply:

To ensure the admissions application will be processed in time for registration, applications and all associated documentation, including transcripts and placement test score's must be received in the Admissions Office at least three weeks prior to the published application deadline for the term in which the student plans to enroll. More information can be viewed on the Admissions web page.

Applications are accepted for enrollment in any semester- Fall, Spring or Summer.

Applicants should allow seven to ten days for a response from the Admissions Office regarding their application. Application deadlines are posted on the College Calendar.


Visit us (open days)

A visit to one of the MTC's four campuses is perhaps the best way to learn about the college's academic programs and student services.

Individual or group tours are available. It is recommended if you are a high school student or a transfer student, that you make an individual visit so that your appointment can be customized to meet your needs.

Group Tours:
If you are planning a visit for a school, civic, or other special group, please contact the Information/Visitor Center by emailing askmtc@midlandstech.edu for information about planning and scheduling your visit.

Individual Tours:
To arrange a tour of one of our campuses, please complete the Tour Request form.


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