Our Lady Of The Lake Unversity

Our Lady of the Lake University was founded in 1895 by the Sisters of the Congregation of Divine Providence, a religious order begun in 18th century Lorraine, France. The order continues as the sponsoring organization of the University. Members of the Congregation arrived in Texas in 1866, where they initially established themselves in Austin, and then in Castroville in 1868.

In 1895, construction began on the main campus of Our Lady of the Lake College. By 1896 educational programs were under way. The first college program began in 1911 as a two-year curriculum for women. In 1919 the curriculum was expanded to four years and the institution was admitted to membership in the Texas Association of Colleges. Graduate study began in 1942 and was coeducational from its inception; all programs became fully coeducational in 1969. In 1975 the name of the institution was changed from Our Lady of the Lake College to Our Lady of the Lake University of San Antonio. Our Lady of the Lake University was the first San Antonio institution of higher education to receive regional accreditation. It has been accredited by the Commission o... [ Read All ]

San Antonio

United States

411 SW 24th Street
Phone: 210-434-6711
Fax: 210-431-4036
Website: http://www.ollusa.edu/s/3

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Our Aims

Mission Statement:
The mission of Our Lady of the Lake University, an independent, Catholic institution sponsored by the Congregation of Divine Providence, is:

To provide excellent teaching through traditional and innovative educational programs;
To develop its diverse, intercultural student bodies in Christian, person-centered learning communities; and
To graduate individuals who are competent and committed to service.

Our Lady of the Lake University will be a leading comprehensive university known for its Catholic values, its preparation of emerging leaders in the Southwest and its expertise in Hispanic cultures. Students will want to attend OLLU because of the individual attention given by excellent, dedicated faculty and staff in an open, caring, challenging environment with a range of programs relevant to success in today’s world. OLLU’s programs will go beyond traditional education, appealing to people of all social and economic backgrounds who want to better themselves and who relish the diversity and inclusivity of the OLLU experience, as inspired by the vision of our founders, the Congregation of Di...  [ Read All ]

Location and Getting there

Our Lady of the Lake
411 SW 24th Street
San Antonio, TX 78207
1-800-436-OLLU (6558) (out of town)


Department and information about the department

Art Department

Make your life a work of art

Few things are as satisfying as creating something with your hands. The Department of Art at Our Lady of the Lake University offers programs that will expose you to the historical sweep of art making, plus give you technical skills in a range of disciplines that include drawing, printmaking and photography.

Like every program at OLLU, the art department stresses personal attention and the development of the individual so that you will grow as an artist and scholar. As an art student, you will take advantage of our five studios in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and the photography lab. Here you will acquire the hands-on experience and guidance so important to the creation of art. In addition, you will mount a senior exhibit, a capstone to your artistic education, which will allow you to fully explore yourself as an artist.


Academic Staff and Description

All of the faculty at Our Lady of the Lake University's art department are dedicated to bringing students a rewarding, educational and experience-based exposure into the world of visual expression.

Enhancing the various art degrees offered at OLLU, our full and adjunct faculty bring many years of dedication and experience in the fields of the fine and applied arts.


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News and Events

You’ll always find something happening at Our Lady of the Lake University. The Communications and Marketing Office promotes and publicizes University news and events, such as the Calle 24 annual fine arts series, musical and theater performances, guest lectures, career fairs, professional networking opportunities, informative seminars and symposiums, student orientation, scholarship opportunities, faculty and staff promotions, board of trustees happenings and much more.


Information For  Undergraduates

The Art Department of Our Lady of the Lake University offers a variety of opportunities for students interested in earning a degree in the field of visual arts. Students can attain a Bachelor of Arts in Art (with a Fine Arts or Applied Arts orientation) or a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (with a core in Art). In addition, students can Minor in Art and work on receiving an All Level Certification in Art.


Information For  International Students

Study on a small, friendly campus that values diversity and educational achievement. Become part of a community where many students already speak two languages—English and Spanish. Attend a university where professors treat everyone as an individual and where there are resources to help you perfect your English and adjust to American life.




Student Facilities

Ours is a creative community where art exhibits, concerts, film presentations, lectures and the spirit and energy of San Antonio’s Westside combine to provide an inspiring atmosphere in which to make art. Of course our goal is to foster your artistic development, but we hope to do so in such a way as to inspire you to take that art and help others.

Students at Our Lady of the Lake University have access to five art studios. The majority of the studios are located in the Fine Arts and Humanities Building (FAHU).

Drawing Studio
FH200B - Courses held in this studio: Collage, Drawing I & II, Desgin, Teaching Art and Watercolor

Painting Studio
FH300A - Courses held in this studio: Painting I & II

Printmaking Studio
FH300C - Courses held in this studio: Printmaking I & II

Photography Lab
FH103 - Courses held in this lab: Photography I & II
Sculpture Studio
Sr. Tharsilla Fuchs Sculpture Studio - Courses held in this studio: Ceramics, Sculpture I & II


Student Support

Our Lady of the Lake University is a vibrant, diverse community rich in Hispanic history and the history of the southwest. Faculty, staff and students know each other well and understand the importance of community milestones, events and rites of passage. This is a place where people make friends and professional contacts they will have forever.

With more than 40 student organizations and an artistic population, ours is a creative community. Campus hums with mariachi concerts, art openings, plays and lectures. Attend a Mexican-American film festival. Cheer for the fighting Armadillos club basketball team. Visit the nuns’ craft shop. You’ll find ours to be a dynamic community built on respect.

Located on the banks of Lake Elmendorf in the heart of downtown San Antonio—a historic, multicultural city—OLLU is an oasis in the city. This gives students the best of all possible worlds—a quiet, safe campus with nearby access to professional internships, arts events, a pluralistic community and world class sports.


Student Life

Developing leaders to the max

You’ve seen the term: co-curricular. But what does it mean?

It means learning doesn’t end when classes do. It means that “getting involved” and “getting an education” are the same thing. It means developing lifetime habits of engagement that will enrich your life and your community.

The Office of Campus Activities offers opportunities for you to learn and grow beyond the classroom. Cultivate your inner leader through the Leadership Institute for Freshmen Excellence (LIFE). Help promote OLLU as a Lake Ambassador. Or put your creative stamp on campus events as part of the University Programming Council.



Creating your own culture of home

‘Dillo life begins in the residence halls. Though our commuters represent a major force at The Lake, students who live on campus have the arguable advantage of 24/7 access—to campus events and each other. It’s a fact of life; when you live together, you bond together.

Learning to live in community and creating a home away from home is one of the great lessons of college. Living with different types of people teaches understanding, patience, humor and the meaning of deep, forever friendships—as well as obvious life skills such as budgeting and time management.

We call this department “residence life” because we provide more than four walls. Our halls tend to be communities, supportive enclaves, where you can participate in special programs designed to help you connect to your hall and the campus at large. You will also have your choice of living situation, ranging from all-women’s residences (such as Pacelli Hall with its own pool!) to co-ed buildings like Centennial, which offers private baths.


How To Apply

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