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A pioneer in art and design education since its founding in 1896, Parsons has cultivated outstanding artists, designers, scholars, businesspeople, and community leaders for more than a century. Today, when design thinking is increasingly being employed to solve complex global problems, Parsons is leading new approaches to art and design education.

At Parsons, a diverse community of students develops critical thinking skills and applies them to challenges ranging from environmental degradation to physical accessibility and humanitarian crises. Through a network of interconnected design laboratories, students explore global phenomena at multiple sites and scales of engagement, from on-campus research initiatives to partnerships that affect change in New York and around the world.

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Our Aims

Parsons focuses on creating engaged citizens and outstanding artists, designers, scholars and business leaders through a design-based professional and liberal education.

Parsons students learn to rise to the challenges of living, working and creative decision making in a world where human experience is increasingly designed. The school embraces curricular innovation, pioneering uses of technology, collaborative methods and global perspectives on the future of design.  

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Location and Getting there

Parsons' main campus is located downtown in Greenwich Village, an historic neighborhood with a style and atmosphere found nowhere else in New York City. The Village is home to design and art studios, galleries, shops and restaurants, as well as avant garde artists, musicians and writers.

With rich cultural resources, international sophistication, and cutting edge attitude, New York City is a vibrant environment that has inspired and challenged artists and designers throughout its history. To Parsons' faculty, the city is an extension of the classroom and is incorporated into the basic fabric of the curriculum. New York is home to more than 80 museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art. Parsons faculty teaches the architecture of the city, the fabric of its populations, and the language of its commercial and private communication. In short, Parsons faculty uses New York City as an urban design laboratory to teach students to look, learn, and feel the world around them.


Department and information about the department

The New School is divided into 18 art and design departments

Art & Design Studies:
Art & Design Studies is the core of the intellectual study of design and art at Parsons. Students rise to meet the challenges of the 21st-century design and art practices, through critical reasoning, creative thinking, and problem solving.

Communication Design:
Tomorrow's designers leave Parsons with a breadth of skill, depth of knowledge, and fearlessness in confronting change. In the communication design program, students learn to create visual communication, to understand and utilize information and technology, and to act as socially responsible citizens.

Design & Management:
At Parsons, students find a unique opportunity to explore design fields and industries while completing a business program tailored to the needs of the future design manager. Our graduates leap into an integrated world of business and design, ready to manage design that is useful, useable, beautiful - and sustainable.

Design & Technology:
Technology is fundamental to the modern designer's ability to reshape society. The design & technology program offers a un...  [ Read All ]

Academic Staff and Description

The Parsons faculty is made up of more than 150 full-time and more than 1,000 part-time faculty selected from the highest echelons of New York’s art and design communities. Combining academic talents and working professionals ensures that a Parsons education is as boundary-breaking as it is engaging and practical.

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News and Events

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Information For  Undergraduates

Undergraduate courses:

Art & Design Studies
Communication Design
Design & Management
Design & Technology
Fashion Design
Fine Arts
Integrated Design
Interior Design
Product Design

AAS degree courses:

Fashion Marketing
Fashion Studies
Graphic Design
Interior Design

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Information For  Postgraduates

Graduate programs are offered in:

Design Business
Design Studies
Design & Technology
Design & Urban Ecologies
Fashion Design & Society
Fashion Studies
Fine Arts
History of Decorative Arts & Design
Interior Design
Lighting Design
Strategic Design & Management
Theories of Urban Practice
Transdisciplinary Design  

Information For  International Students

Nearly one-third of our degree students are international, hailing from 68 different countries. The largest international groups come from Asia, followed by the European continent.  

Student Facilities

Parsons students have access to extensive studio facilities and professionally staffed model, fabrication, and print shops, including rapid prototyping, photography and imaging labs, metalworking, jewelry, and woodworking facilities.

In addition to individual program facilities, Parsons provides resources, including design libraries, computer labs, and galleries and exhibition facilities, that are available to all Parsons students.


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Student Life  

Student Testimonials  


We offer housing to over 1,100 students in the Greenwich village and Wall Street areas. In addition to this we also provide exciting social and educational programs and activities for our residents.

Each of our residences is unique and provides something for everyone. Once the home of famous Beat poets in the 1960s, Marlton House is now home to a warm and strong community that nurtures its residents year after year. The Union Square Residence, a popular choice, is amid the hustle and bustle of Union Square Park and its summer concerts, farmers markets, and many other distinctive New York experiences. A strong and very active residence life staff in our primarily freshmen residences – Loeb Hall and the 13th Street Residence – gives students exceptional programming and close personal attention. While returning students mingle with freshmen at the Village residences, many of them join graduate students at the William Street Residence where they enjoy the sights and sounds of the South Street Seaport and the historic Wall Street area.

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