Royal University College Of Fine Arts

In 1735 a school was founded for the palace decorators in connection with the architect Tessin's construction of the new royal palace. Following the French model, artists were now to be given a more theoretical education than skilled handicraft men. 1773 the Academy's building division was changed into a full architecture department.

After the founding of KTH (The Royal Institute of Technology) in 1876, basic training in architecture was transferred there and the Royal University College of Fine Arts is now instead offering further education in architecture, architectural history and restoration art.

It was not before 1870 that the Academy could move into its premises at Fredsgatan 12, having had to do with provisional arrangements until then. The house was a gift from the moldmaker, Gerhard Meyer, and "Mejan", the nickname for the college, is probably derived from his name.

A certain number of changes occurred over the years within the teaching fields and in the public and official duties, and the latter were taken over by the Royal Academy of the Arts when the Royal University College o... [ Read All ]



Box 16315, Flaggmansv 1
103 26
Phone: +46 8 614 40 00
Fax: +46 8 679 86 26

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Our Aims

The Royal University College of Fine Arts (KKH) is an institution for higher education with a long artistic tradition dating all the way back to the 18th century. The education offered is diverse with courses in traditional methods as well as instruction in the most innovative and the very latest techniques.

The college's new and well-equipped workshops are among the finest in Europe and the major part of the workshops are suitable for disabled persons. The college is located on the island Skeppsholmen, a close neighbor to the Museum of Modern Art, the National Museum of Fine Art and the Swedish Museum of Architecture.

The college has about 230 students and leading Swedish and foreign artists and architects teach at the college. At the college a five-year Master's program in fine arts, a project program for active artists (one semester or one academic year), further education in Architecture or Restoration Art (one academic year) as well as a course in Art & Architecture and studies in Fine Arts & New Media are offered.  

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Location and Getting there

Flaggmansvägen 1, Skeppsholmen
Box 16315
103 26 Stockholm

Take bus 65 (opposite the Central station) to the bus stop af Chapman(app. 10 minutes). Walk a couple of minutes in the same direction as the bus. The main building is situated on the right hand side, close to the water.

Take the metro to Kungs-trädgården (blue line), or bus 46, 55, 62, 76 to "Karl XII:s torg" and from there it is a 10 minute walk.

Take the DjurgĂĄrden-ferry from Slussen (tell them you are getting off at Skeppsholmen)

Taxi - the address is Flaggmansv. 1

Academic Staff and Description

Name: Title: Telephone:

Marie-Louise Ekman: Rector: 08-614 40 81

Ă…sa Andersson-Broms: Junior Lecturer, Data: 08-614 40 38

Christian Bandi: Subst. Professor, Architecture: 070-863 85 15

Mikael Beckman-Thoor: Junior Lecturer, Sound Editing, Video Dep: 08-614 40 45

Fredric Bedoire: Professor of Architectual History: 08-614 40 28

Pernilla Carlsson Sjödin: Junior Lecturer, Computer Department: 08-614 40 49

Michael Dudley: Junior Lecturer, Architecture: 08-614 40 23

Tite Edberg: Junior Lecturer, Monumental Techniques: 08-614 40 44

Cecilia Edefalk: Professor of Fine Art with a specialization in Painting

Carl-Johan Ericsson: Junior Lecturer, Data: 08-614 40 38

Peter Hagdahl: Professor of fine art with a specialization in Interdisciplinary Techniques: 08-614 40 17

Lars Hammarström: Junior Lecturer, Sculpture

Love Hansson: Subst. Junior Lecturer, Plastic: 08-614 40 68

Malin Hedlin Hayden: Senior Lecturer, Art History: 08-614 40 14

Maria Hirvi: Professor of Theory and History of Ideas of Modern Art: 08-614 40 45/17

Eberhard Höll: Professor of Fine Art with a specia...  [ Read All ]

News and Events

Gallery Mejan:

Opening hours: 12.00 – 17.00/18.00

Address: Excersisplan 3, Skeppsholmen

Christer Paleologos
9 - 20 sep

Niklas Holm
23 sept - 4 oct

Karin Brantmark
21 oct - 1 nov

Frida Tebus
4 - 15 nov

David Myrvold, Sara Olausson
18 - 29 nov

Stina-Kajsa Eldh
2 - 13 dec

Jesper Nyrén, Joakim Heidvall
13 - 24 jan

Per Nilsson
10 - 21 feb

Linda Jansson, Maria Svensson
24 feb - 7 mar

Simon Caringer
10 - 21 mar

PĂĄl Bylund
24 mar - 4 april

Michele Masucci
7 - 18 april

Per Stenborg
21 april - 2 may


Spring exhibition 2007:

24 May - 10 June

Fredsgatan 12

Opening wednesday the 24:th of May, 14.00

Other days open 11-17,
sat-sun, 12-16.



Information For  Undergraduates

The Royal University College of Fine Arts (Kungl. Konsthögskolan) offers a three year fine arts program leading to a Bachelor´s degree.

The application to the Bachelor's program is not made to an individual department; studies in fine art include example painting, sculpture, printmaking, monumental and mural art, digital media, video, and photography. There are approximately 25 students admitted each year and the college receives roughly 800 applications for these spots. Those accepted have often had some prior training at a preparatory art school.

If the applicant fulfils the demands of special eligibility, which means having an artistic talent and the necessary qualifications to work as an artist, there is no formal demand of having a knowledge of Swedish. However the lectures and teaching in art and cultural history, the theory and history of ideas of modern art, vocationally-oriented courses and some group critique sessions are mainly given in Swedish. Tutoring and courses can be given in English.

The application form is only available in Swedish.

Information For  Postgraduates

From the academic year 2007/2008 the Royal University College of Fine Arts (Kungl. Konsthögskolan)
will divide its five year Master's program in fine arts into a three year BA-program and a two year MA-program.

The BA-program will start in September 2007, but the MA-program will probably not start until 2010.
For the time being it is therefore not possible to apply to the two year Master's program in fine arts  

Information For  International Students

Foreign students and Swedish students who are currently studying at an art institution of higher education abroad or who have just finished an art degree abroad are eligible to apply as guest students.

Visiting fine arts students can be at the college for a maximum of two semesters. Guest students are assigned to a professor who will act as their advisor. They are also provided with studio space and access to the college’s workshops.

Applicants will be accepted after a joint review by all the professors. Between four and five guest students are accepted every year. Foreign students are required to have good command of the English language in order to take advantage of the course of study.


Student Facilities

As a member of the student union at the Royal University College of Fine Arts, you are associated with SSCO (the Central Organisation for Student Unions in Stockholm). The membership gives you discounts at museums, gyms and opticians etc. Through SSCO's affiliate SSSB (the Foundation for Stockholm's Student Housing) students at the College of Fine Arts may apply for housing.

The college has a very active student union and the students have a great influence on their school situation. There are student union meetings held the first Tuesday each month. All students are welcome to participate and to take up issues for discussion. Issues that often are discussed are for example: guest teachers, educational conditions or more general matters about the role as an artist. The student union has representatives in all the college's decision-making bodies. It is through these representatives and through the minutes from the student union meetings that the student union brings about the student body's opinion.

Student Support

Students at the College of Fine Arts qualify for government loans in accordance to conditions that apply at universities and colleges.

Foreign students (non-Swedish citizens) who have moved to Sweden with the primary aim of pursuing studies do not qualify for student loans. For more information on student loans, contact CSN.

The college has a study counsellor. The counsellor can assist students with questions concerning social situations, handicap access, grants, and education.

To help disseminate information about the college, there is an open house every year in March.

The samples of work submitted by the newly accepted students are presented to the public at the beginning of the fall term in a special exhibition. Students in years two through five participate in an annual two-week exhibition at the end of May.  

How To Apply


Request a prospectus (Number, e-mail or follow link)