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What is now the Meadows School of the Arts began as the School of Music in 1917. It became the School of the Arts in 1964, incorporating studies in art and theatre, programs that had been a part of SMU's curriculum since its founding in 1911. In 1969, through the generosity of Algur H. Meadows, his family and the Meadows Foundation, the school was named the Algur H. Meadows School of the Arts. Mr. Meadows, a businessman from East Texas, built General American Oil Company of Texas into one of the nation's most successful independent oil and gas production companies. Believing that his own life was greatly enriched by giving, he generously shared his wealth with many charitable causes, including SMU, benefiting the people of the state that had been so kind to him.

Today, after four decades of existence, the Meadows School has achieved prominence as one of the foremost arts education institutions in the United States and offers training in an unusual mix of the arts—visual (art and art history), performing (dance, music and theatre) and communications (advertising, cinema-television, corporate communications and p... [ Read All ]


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Our Aims

At the Meadows School of the Arts, we know the arts will play an increasingly greater role in society and the world as creativity becomes the economic engine of the 21st century. Meadows is an exciting place because we truly are training artists for the future; we don’t just talk about art, we make art. At the same time, you’ll have the chance for a great liberal arts education at one of America’s finest universities. The communicative, visual and performing arts indeed have a power beyond reason and other forms of knowledge, but to influence others, you must have more than just technique.

Whatever you study at Meadows, be it journalism or theatre, advertising or music, it will be creative and it will be global. As the world becomes more diverse, art becomes ever more important. Art is about communication and cultural understanding and provides a way of interpreting not only the worlds of others, but the world to ourselves. Diversity of expression, ideas, cultures and mostly of people is essential at Meadows. In addition to the art and guest artists and speakers who come to Meadows from abroad, last ye...  [ Read All ]

Location and Getting there

The Meadows School of the Arts is located in a vibrant cultural and business community. We make it a point to put students in touch with the exceptional resources Dallas/Fort Worth offers in the performing, visual and communication arts. Our area also serves as a central transportation hub, and our proximity to D/FW Airport means that travel to points across the United States and beyond is convenient to arrange.

SMU is a respected university in a top 10 media market with great connections to business and industry in the region. That means that our advertising, journalism and corporate communications/public affairs students have access to a wide range of internship opportunities, sessions with media leaders and "real-world" expertise. A vibrant film and television production industry, as well as a multitude of movie houses, means that cinema-television students have an excellent opportunity to learn even more outside the classroom.

Visual arts students will find a treasure trove of excellent museums and art galleries to explore, from our own internationally-recognized Meadows Museum to the Dallas Museum of Art and the Kimbell...  [ Read All ]

Academic Staff and Description

Members of the Institute faculty are knowledgeable about advertising –– its history, its techniques and its emerging technology. What's more, they're involved daily with industry leaders and organizations — so students get relevant content and important networking contacts. Advertising majors also get personal attention in small classes from both full-time faculty and successful industry professionals who teach on a part-time basis.  

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News and Events  

Information For  Undergraduates

Admission to all of the academic areas of the Meadows School requires a couple of things. First, you must satisfy the admissions requirements outlined by the University. These include the completion of an application with letters of recommendation and an essay.  

Information For  Postgraduates

As you look to continue your academic career and pursue a graduate degree, we're here to help. Our office can help you navigate the various application requirements and answer your questions about procedures and other concerns. Whatever your academic interest, we're here to serve as an information resource for prospective graduate and artist certificate students.  

Information For  International Students

The International Office is here to give the most efficient and accurate service possible to approximately 700 international students and scholars at SMU. To achieve this, students may visit with an international student adviser for walk-ins (limited to 20 minutes) on a first come, first served basis or students may schedule an appointment with an adviser by calling 214-768-4475.  


The Meadows School of the Arts is proud of its graduates and claims them as its greatest legacy. Since the University's founding, graduates in the arts have gone on to careers and leadership positions around the world. We take pride in our alumni and want to remain connected. In this section, alumni can find ways to keep in touch—from news about Meadows events across the nation to the chance to let us and fellow graduates know about their latest accomplishments.  

Student Facilities

The Meadows School of the Arts boasts one of the finest facilities for arts education in the United States. It is based in three buildings on the SMU campus: the Owen Arts Center, the Umphrey Lee Center and the Meadows Museum.

The Owen Arts Center houses the Greer Garson Theatre (a classical thrust stage), the Bob Hope Theatre (a proscenium theatre), the Margo Jones Theatre (a black box theatre), Caruth Auditorium (which includes a 51-stop, 3681-pipe Fisk organ), the Charles S. Sharp Performing Arts Studio, the O'Donnell Lecture/Recital Hall, and several smaller performance spaces, as well as classrooms, studios, rehearsal areas and computer labs. The Doolin Gallery in the Owen Arts Center and the Pollock Gallery, housed in the Hughes-Trigg Student Center, are the art exhibition spaces of the Division of Art. Together, these performance and exhibition spaces serve as an important cultural center for the community, hosting hundreds of concerts, lectures, performances and exhibitions annually.

The Umphrey Lee Center is home to several of the communication arts divisions. It includes classroom and lab space, as well as faculty an...  [ Read All ]

Student Support

A college career is certainly about classes and projects, but it’s also about all the paperwork and processes necessary to keep you on track to graduate when you’re supposed to. This means figuring out your major and any other course requirements, making sure you take the classes necessary to complete them, and then doing the final check before you get that degree and head out into the world. It sometimes feels more complicated than it should, but we’re here to help.  

Student Life

The Division of Student Affairs provides guidance, support services, and a variety of programs and activities intended to complement the academic pursuits of students and to promote their development.  


How To Apply  

Visit us (open days)

A campus visit can be the best way for you to get a feel for what our artistic community is like. Our goal is simple—to provide you with the information and experiences you'll need to determine whether the Meadows School of the Arts is a good fit for you. Whether you want to observe classes, meet face to face with professors, meet current arts students, attend a performance, or spend the night in our fine arts community residence hall, tell us what you want and we'll make it happen!  

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