The National Academy Of Arts, Sofia

The National Academy of Art was founded in 1896 as a State School of Drawing, on a legislation suggested by three outstanding Bulgarian public figures, the artists Ivan Mrkvicka and Anton Mitov, and the historian Dr. Ivan Shishmanov. The buildings of the National Academy of Art house numerous lecture halls, studios, laboratories, workshops, a museum, a computer centre, and a library with two branches; administration premises, a gymnasium and cafes. The academy has nearly 1000 students in different specialisms in visual arts, history of art and design. The academy also has 130 foreign students and 35 Bulgarian and foreign doctoral students. The National Academy of Art has two departments, of Visual Arts and of Applied Arts. The chairs in both departments are responsible for teaching and research, and for the development and implementation of the curricula in the following fields where students acquire professional university degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts:

In Fine Arts :
Painting: BA, MA
Mural Painting: BA, MA
Sculpture: BA, MA
Graphic Art: BA, MA
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1 Shipka Street
Phone: ++ 359/2/ 988 17 02
Fax: ++ 359/2/ 987 80 64

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Location and Getting there

The National Academy of Art is located in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The population is just over 1 million; making Sofia a very busy city. What with its centuries-long history, blending antiquity into modernity, Sofia is also a very exciting place. The city enjoys moderate climate. Travelling around it,and in the region is easy and sightseeing can be most instructive.

The National Academy of Art has several buildings, housing numerous lecture halls, studios, laboratories, workshops; it also has a museum, a computer centre, a library with 2 branches in different locations, administrative offices, sports facilities and cafeterias. Currently, the Academy has approx. 1000 students training to enter a wide variety of careers in fine arts, art criticism and design. There are currently 150 foreign undergraduate and doctoral students. A considerable number of our alumni have won recognition in their fields of art.

1, Shipka St.
1000 Sofia,

Tel. (++ 359 2) 988 17 01

Rector.s Office and General inquiries: e-mail:

Department and information about the department

The National Academy of Art has two departments, the Department of Fine Arts and the Department of Applied Arts. They have Chairs as their substructures, each Chair being responsible for the development and implementation of each of the curricula responsible for obtaining of the following degrees:

In Fine Arts

- Painting - B.A., M.A.,PhD

- Mural Painting - B.A., M.A. PhD

- Sculpture - B.A., M.A. ,PhD

- Graphic Art - B.A., M.A. ,PhD

- Book and Print Graphics - B.A., M.A. ,PhD

- Poster and Visual Communication B.A., M.A. ,PhD

- History of Art - B.A, M.A ,PhD

Applied Arts

- Woodcarving - B.A., M.A. ,PhD

- Ceramics - B.A., M.A. ,PhD

- Scenography - B.A., M.A. ,PhD

- Textiles -B.A., M.A. ,PhD

- Metal - B.A., M.A. ,PhD

- Industrial Design - B.A., M.A. ,PhD

- Design in Advertising - B.A., M.A. ,PhD

- Porcelain and Glass - B.A., M.A. ,PhD

- Design of Children's Environment- B.A., M.A. ,PhD

- Fashion - B.A., M.A. ,PhD

- Restoration - M.A only. (5 years) ,PhD

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Information For  International Students


Applications are welcome from suitably qualified candidates from any country worldwide. Foreign students can join any of the academic courses for the degrees offered by the Academy, as well as the international academic exchange programmes to which the Academy is party.Foreign applicants should fill in and send their applications at the earliest, to allow themselves sufficient time for their visa arrangements (in case they need a visa for Bulgaria), and for traveling.

Application Routes

1.Normally, the applicants would contact the National Academy of Art directly. To give us sufficient time to consider your documents,please send them to:


High Expert in Education Department

National Academy of Art

1 Shipka Street 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria,


Telephone ++ 359/2/ 988 17 02

Fax: ++ 359/2/ 987 80 64


Application form for higher and post-graduate studies in Bulgaria National Academy of Arts -Sofia:


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How To Apply

Admissions policy:

In every aspect of its work the National Academy of Art is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all. If all required qualifications and skills are in place, the Academy would not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, origin, or disability. This principle extends to all educational, service and employment programmes of the Academy as well as to the admission policy .

Entry requirements:

Admission to the Academy is done on a competitive basis; the candidates are selected by an Admission Committee on the basis of the results from entrance exams organised as creative competitions. Foreign citizens can apply and study as full-time students only. Entry exams for foreign applicants are held on an annual basis every September. The accepted foreign students

should enrol not later than October 1. For foreign students the Academy offers counselling and orientation, combined with an introductory course in Bulgarian, the aim being to help identify the students’ strongest points and desired area of study.  

Request a prospectus (Number, e-mail or follow link)

Further information and programme enquiries to:

National Academy of Art, Department of Education, 1 Shipka Street, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria, Europe

Telephone: ++ 359 /2/ 988 17 02

Fax: ++ 359 /2/ 987 80 64


Working hours: 10.00-12.00; 14.00-16.00