UADE-Facultad De Comunicación Y Diseño

The Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE)is an institution with more than 40 years of experience. It is born and development from a purelly business perspective.
In fact, it was created by the Camara de Sociedades Anonimas with the object to form professionals that will adapt to the market growing needs.



Lima 717
Phone: 0054114372-5454

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Our Aims

UADE has the aim to form professionals that through their work will contribuite to society with solid values, honesty, creativity and effectiveness. From those fundamental basis, La Facultad de Comunicacion y Diseno (the faculty of Communication and Design) offers degrees that have a correct balance between theory and practice. Allowing graduates to persue their career succssesfuly nationally and internationally.
Graphic Desing is in constantly changing. Our curricular system is flexible and includes five optional subjets. This method allows to orientate the degree to the areas that are of a specific interests.  

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Department and information about the department

The Faculty of Communication and Design has created a rich academic life through different activities, such as seminars, expositions, showcase, workshops, and internships.
The Faculty of Communication and Design offers the following degrees:
-BA Communication
-BA Graphic design
-BA Textil Design
-BA Publicity
-BA Public Relations

Academic Staff and Description

Our team of lecturers are outstanding academics who have obtained recognition in their own field to transmit all their experience and knowledge in a personalized manner.  

News and Events

Second Painting Competition organized by UADE
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Information For  Undergraduates

The student at the Faculty of Communication and Design can have access to the real working market world and obtain the necessary tools to cmplement his/her training through the different workingexperience programmes offer by the University. Regarding international programmes, UADE sustain exchanges abroad that will allow our students to carry out valuable experiences at prestigious universities in different parts of the world.  

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