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Universidad De Granada, Facultad De Bellas Artes

With over 475 years of tradition, the University of Granada has been an exceptional witness to history. As its influence in the city's social and cultural environment grew it became, over a period of almost five centuries, an intellectual and cultural nucleus in Southern Spain in its own right. It is currently a committed institution which is deeply involved in its setting, as shown in the University Reform Law (LRU), which defines universities as centres at the service of society, by means of teaching, research and the provision of services. In recent years, the University of Granada has faced, under the protection of the LRU and university autonomy, the greatest growth in its history, placing it among the top Spanish universities. Some 80,000 people are directly linked with the University of Granada, among them students, teachers and administrative and service staff.

The university centres and buildings are located in various places in the urban area of Granada, giving the city its particular university style, since of the 270,000 inhabitants of the capital, 60,000 are university students. But Granada also fulfils o... [ Read All ]



Av. AndalucĂ­a s/n
Phone: 0034 958 243 817

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Location and Getting there

Facultad de Bellas Artes Alonso Cano
Av. AndalucĂ­a s/n
18071 Granada
Tel: (+34) 958 243 817

Department and information about the department

The Fine Arts department at the Universidad de Granada has recently launched a new curriculum which structures its courses into four year study plans with the elimination of specialities. This has been replaced by the idea that students can now elect their own curricular course choosing between a range of optional and free configuration subjects. The importance of professionalisation is further accentuated by adding an obligatory end of course project to the courses. Students’ responsibility for their own course of studies is essential to this new system where academic and technical support is freely given where required.

As part of this step into the future the department has also recently added Restoration and Design-related subjects to its curriculum.  

Academic Staff and Description

Dean: Juan José Cabrera Contreras (+34) 958 242 918
Secretary : Antonio Palomino Morales (+34) 958 242 962
Teaching and Research: Vicente del Sol LĂłpez (+34) 958 242 917
Infrastructure: Juan Carlos Ramos Guadix (+34) 958 242 916
Culture: VĂ­ctor Borrego Nadal (+34) 958 242 918
Institucional Relations: Teresa Espejo Arias (+34) 958 243 818  

News and Events  

Information For  Undergraduates

BA in Fine Arts  

Information For  Postgraduates

Master’s in Museology

Drawing, Design and New Technologies
Artistic Education: Learning and Teaching in the Visual Arts
Research in Artistic Creation: Theory, Techniques and Restoration
Languages and Poetics in Contemporary Art
Methodology and Research in the Visual and Plastic Arts  

Information For  International Students

The University of Granada takes an active part in the European Union's university programmes, both in the mobility of teachers and students as well as research.

Programmes are coordinated from the Office of International Relations, and aimed at EU countries and other geographical areas (Latin America, Eastern Europe, North Africa, etc.). By way of bilateral or specific agreements between groups of universities, it has traditionally collaborated with universities from these geographical areas as well as with the USA, Japan, China, Israel, Canada, Australia, Benin, Asian countries from the former USSR, Palestine, Australia, etc., university associations such as the Coimbra Group, the AUIP, ISTEC and ATEI. These are some of the examples of the collaboration initiatives.

Although the three most intense areas of cooperation, as might be expected for a country such as Spain and a University with the tradition of Granada, are the European Union, Latin America and the Magreb, of no lesser importance are the lines of collaboration which exist with the countries mentioned above.
As a result of this cooperation, the University of Granad...  [ Read All ]

Student Facilities

The Fine Arts department includes a modern library, image laboratory, presentation room, cafeteria, sculpture workshops, exhibition spaces, photocopiers and spaces for students to relax.  

How To Apply

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