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The roots of the University of California go back to the gold rush days of 1849, when the drafters of the State Constitution, a group of vigorous and farsighted people, required the legislature to "encourage by all suitable means the promotion of intellectual, scientific, moral and agricultural improvement" of the people of California. These early planners dreamed of a university which eventually, "if properly organized and conducted, would contribute even more than California's gold to the glory and happiness of advancing generations."

The university that was born nearly 20 years later was the product of a merger between the College of California (a private institution) and the Agricultural, Mining, and Mechanical Arts College (a land grant institution). The College of California, founded by former Congregational minister Henry Durant from New England, was incorporated in 1855 in Oakland.

Its curriculum was modeled after that of Yale and Harvard, with the addition of modern languages to the core courses in Latin, Greek, history, English, mathematics, and natural history. With an eye to future expansi... [ Read All ]


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345 Kroeber Hall, University of California
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Our Aims

We teach - educating students at all levels, from undergraduate to the most advanced graduate level. Undergraduate programs are available to all eligible California high-school graduates and community college transfer students who wish to attend the University of California.

Instructional programs at the undergraduate level transmit knowledge and skills to students. At the graduate level, students experience with their instructors the processes of developing and testing new hypotheses and fresh interpretations of knowledge. Education for professional careers, grounded in understanding of relevant sciences, literature and research methods, provides individuals with the tools to continue intellectual development over a lifetime and to contribute to the needs of a changing society.

Through our academic programs, UC helps create an educated workforce that keeps the California economy competitive. And, through University Extension, with a half-million enrollments annually, UC provides continuing education for Californians to improve their job skills and enhance the quality of their lives.

We do research - by some of the world's...  [ Read All ]

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Location and Getting there

When you arrive at the Berkeley campus, we encourage you to stop by Visitor Services. You'll find us in Room 101 of University Hall, located on the corner of University Avenue and Oxford Street.
Below you'll find directions for reaching the Berkeley campus by car. Also see the online campus map. Due to limited parking availability, we recommend that you use public transportation whenever possible.

From San Francisco, the San Francisco airport, and points south on northbound Highway 101:

Follow U.S. 101 north and then switch to I-80 east, and take it across the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge
Stay left as you get off the Bay Bridge and take I-80 east heading to Berkeley & Sacramento
Exit I-80 onto University Avenue
Continue east on University Avenue for approximately 1.5 miles to Oxford Street at the western edge of the campus
From Oakland, the Oakland airport, Hayward or San Jose on northbound I-880:

Stay in left center lanes on I-880 when you reach downtown Oakland
Exit I-80 east (to Berkeley)
Exit I-80 at University Avenue
Continue east on University Avenue for approximately 1.5 miles to Oxford Street ...  [ Read All ]

Department and information about the department

The Department of Art Practice was established on the Berkeley campus in 1923. Throughout our history the department's focus has been on the teaching of Fine Arts in a studio setting under the guidance and mentorship of professional artists. With the added advantage of cross-disciplinary study, the department offers a wide range of approaches in painting, printmaking, sculpture/ installation (wood, metal, ceramics, mixed media), video art, performance art and interactive digital art. Since the founding of the University of California in 1869, courses in painting, sculpture and drawing were part of the curricula of the Architecture Department, Drawing and Decorative Arts Department, the Department of Domestic Art and the Department of Drawing and Mapping.

In 1915, Assistant Professor of Decorative Design in the Department of Domestic Art, Eugene Neuhaus, lectured on art at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. His lectures at the Exposition and during the years following the Exposition generated so much state-wide interest in contemporary fine art that by 1923 the Department of Art Practice was established on the Berkeley c...  [ Read All ]

Academic Staff and Description  

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Information For  Undergraduates

knowledge of human experience, through aesthetic investigation.

We teach our students to think visually, and to develop an understanding of the strategies that artists have devised to deal with aesthetic problems in both traditional and nontraditional methods of artmaking. Ultimately, students develop a creative intelligence through practicing a visual arts discipline.

The graduate program, leading to the MFA degree in the Department of Art Practice at UC Berkeley, is a two year course of study that emphasizes concentrated studio work in the broadly defined areas of painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, digital media and new genres.

The aim of the program is to broaden the visual, intellectual and aesthetic faculties of students in their pursuit of careers as dedicated and serious professional artists. Applicants to the program are judged on the basis of the technical proficiency, intellectual sophistication, and invention evident in slides of their creative work, and admitted students are expected to make a full-time commitment to artmaking, while enrolled in the program. Approximately 7-9 of 100-150 applicants are...  [ Read All ]

Information For  Postgraduates

Please visit the University of California, Berkeley, Graduate division website, at:  

Information For  International Students

Berkeley is an international center of learning, discovery, and innovation. Students and faculty from around the world come here to study and pursue scholarship. Berkeley’s alumni work in every corner of the globe, contributing to better lives at every level of society.

Whether you are an international student, scholar, alumnus, friend, or visitor to the Berkeley campus, you’ll find a wealth of resources here.  


Student Facilities

Kroeber Hall: The core of the Art Deparment's activities are located in Kroeber Hall, which houses classrooms for painting, drawing, as well as well-equipped facilities for printmaking, metal and wood sculpture. The main office of the deparment is located in room 345; faculty offices are on the third floor. The Worth Ryder Art Gallery, Garron Reading Room and a few graduate studios are also located here.

Wurster Hall: Adjacent to Kroeber Hall is Wurster Hall, the site of an extensive ceramics studio and classrooms for undergraduate sculpture. Two graduate studios are located in Wurster for access to the ceramic facility.

Graduate Studios: The majority of the graduate studios are located at the off-campus site of the Richmond Field Station where there are spaces for 26 individual studios and a seminar room. Students have day access to the excellent woodworking and machine shops located there. Also, a few on-campus studios are available for students who need to use the ceramics, metal shops and ATC studio.

Seminar Rooms: The primary seminar rooms are on campus in Kroeber Hal and at the off-campus graduate studios at Richmo...  [ Read All ]

Student Support


All incoming and continuing students in the MFA program receive financial support, which constitute an amount equivalent to resident fees and tuition, and an additional stipend.

Applicants may also apply for a competitive university-wide fellowship- The GOP Fellowship, which is a need-based felloship for under-represented individuals who will enroll in Master's programs, and who have shown academic achievement despite social, economic challenges, or educational obstacles.
Applicants must be U.S. citisens, have financial need and also must have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA)  

Student Life  


The Living at Cal site can help you decide. Whether you live in the residence halls with friends, or with family in university family housing or in an apartment of your own, one of the most exciting phases of your life is about to begin. Your home at Cal will be an important part of your college experience.  

How To Apply

To apply online, please use the Pathways Online Application to submit your application, at:

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