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Located in the town of Orono along the banks of the Stillwater River, the University of Maine offers a strong traditional education at an affordable price. You're in a great place here. UMaine is one of New England's premier universities. We help students create success stories—with a wide variety of programs and opportunities—and we do so with world-class faculty members, nationally recognized research; first-rate facilities; a friendly, safe atmosphere; and easy access to some of the best year-round recreation sites in the nation. At UMaine, you'll enjoy the world through 88 bachelor's degree programs, 64 master's degree programs, and 25 doctoral programs. Our library is ranked among the top in the country, we have one of the nation's oldest and most prestigious Honors College programs, and our students enjoy hands-on research, even at the undergraduate level.


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5743 Lord Hall, Art Office
ME 04469-5712
Phone: (207) 581-3245
Fax: (207) 581-3276

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Our Aims

The University of Maine is the principal research and graduate institution of the state of Maine. It offers a comprehensive program of undergraduate study that is enriched by the resources of its university setting. The university is one of seven institutions in the University of Maine System; each institution complements and collaborates with the others in the System to fulfill the needs of public higher education in the state of Maine. The University of Maine has statewide responsibility for those educational, research, and public service programs associated with its designation as Maine's land-grant university and sea-grant college. In the spirit of its land-grant heritage, the university is committed to the creation and dissemination of knowledge to improve the lives of its students and Maine citizens in their full social, economic, and cultural diversity.

The University of Maine offers a competitive and intellectually challenging experience for its students in degree programs from the baccalaureate level through the doctorate. Undergraduate education, with a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences that guides the intelle...  [ Read All ]

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Location and Getting there

From the South Exit 191 (Formerly Exit 50) :
Coming from the south on I-95, take Kelley Road Exit #191(formerly exit #50).
Turn right at end of exit ramp. Drive 1 mile to the red flashing light.
Take left onto Route 2. Drive 2.5 miles to the third set of traffic lights.
Turn left onto College Avenue.

From the South Exit 193 (Formerly Exit 51):
Exit # 193 (formerly exit #51) - Stillwater Avenue/Old Town - I-95 (either north - or south-bound.) See Orono Area Map for details.
Turn towards Burger King and the shopping center.
Turn right at the fourth traffic light by McDonald's and KFC and go down College Avenue.
Take the third left onto Munson Road at the first University of Maine sign.

From the North Exit 193 (Formerly Exit 51):
Coming from the north on I-95, take Stillwater Avenue Exit Exit # 193 (formerly exit #51).
Turn left at the end of the exit ramp.
Drive 1 mile to the fourth set of traffic lights.
Turn right onto College Avenue.


City - Miles

Portland - 129
Boston - 240
Hartford - 348
New York - 450
Montreal - 306
Philadelphia - 556
Quebec Cit...  [ Read All ]

Department and information about the department

The Department of Art offers a dynamic and interactive program in a challenging and supportive environment for over 200 majors, 125 Minors, and numerous non-majors. The 10 full-time faculty and 15 part-time faculty are all highly trained and educated professionals, working artists, art historians, and art educators who are national and international leaders in their field. The department has both a very active Guest Lecture Program (see a list of guests on the Guest Lecture page) and a Gallery Program which bring a wide range of work and ideas into the department on a continuing basis.

The Department of Art balances the need for a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences with individually directed professional development in the visual arts. Whether working in a studio, researching problems in art history, or learning to teach, art students at the University of Maine are preparing for a unique and important role in the visually demanding 21st century. The Department offers the following degrees: the Bachelor of Arts in Art History; the Bachelor of Arts in Art Education (with NCATE accredited k-12 teacher certification...  [ Read All ]

Academic Staff and Description  

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News and Events

Exhibitions and Events:


Information For  Undergraduates

Programs of Study


- Art Education B.A.
- Art History B.A.
- Studio Art B.A. & B.F.A.
- Art History Minor
- Studio Art Minor  

Information For  Postgraduates

The University of Maine Graduate School

Graduate work has been available at the University of Maine for many years. The first master's degree was conferred in 1881; the first doctoral degree in 1960. Since 1923, graduate work has been a separate division of the University. Today the master's degree is offered in over 60 areas of study and the doctorate in 26 areas.

The Graduate School serves the needs of the over 2300 graduate students enrolled at the Orono campus. Our office (located in 2 Winslow Hall) is available to assist graduate students in both academic and personal matters. Students are encouraged to contact this office any time you need information or materials related to your studies.  

Information For  International Students

The Office of International Programs (OIP) has primary responsibility for coordinating University of Maine international academic and outreach initiatives, activities and programs. The OIP fosters and supports international education on campus, and strives to promote international understanding and global awareness.  


For more than 130 years the UMAA has existed to serve our ever growing alumni and the University we all hold dear, the University of Maine. Just as the University itself has evolved and grown into a world-class research and teaching institution, the role and purpose of the UMAA has changed to fit the times. Today, as UMaine strengthens its commitment to undergraduate education in an era of limited resources, the role of the Alumni Association is more important than ever before.  

Student Facilities

Art Department Facilities:

Carnegie Hall, a beautiful granite building built originally in 1906 as the campus library was for a long time home base for the Department of Art. In the Fall of 2006 the Department of Art moved into a completely renovated Lord Hall. This 1904 brick building is the new home for expanded facilities for Art Education, for Art History, and for the Gallery. It als serves as home for the Administrative Offices, and for studios for Design and Digital Art. Carnegie Hall has become a studio building with expanded studio space for 3-D Design, Printmaking, and Photography as well as Senior Studios.

Plans are underway to design and build a new studio building to consolidate all of the studios for Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Photography, Digital Art, Ceramics, 3-D Design and Sculpture within the next few years.

Student Support

Student Affairs:  

Student Life

Student Organizations:

We work with Student Organizations, Student Leaders, Organization Advisors, and interested students, faculty and staff. Since the establishment of our office in November 1999, we have steadily added new
resources, services and leadership development opportunities.

Our Mission: As part of the Division of Student Affairs our office provides leadership, direction, advice, and development resources for students, student organizations, student leaders, and organization advisors in an effort to positively impact and influence the student culture and experience at the University of Maine.  


How To Apply

Undergraduate Admissions

Apply at

Following the guidelines established by the University of Maine Admissions Office the Department of Art invites applications from prospective degree candidates without regard to race, color, creed, sex, national origin, disability or age. The Department of Art seeks candidates whose academic credentials, scholastic achievement and motivation indicate promise of success in the University environment. Further, the Department of Art is primarily interested in the effort and commitment to learning that the students demonstrate in their course work. Neither prior experience in art no established portfolios are required for admission.

Transfer students may be required to provide evidence of accomplishment to gain entry into upper level courses.  

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