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For more than two centuries, the University of Pennsylvania has been committed to excellence in scholarship, research and service.

From its highly regarded undergraduate, graduate and professional schools to its wide-ranging program of interdisciplinary research and scholarship, Penn takes pride in being a place where students and faculty can pursue knowledge without boundaries, a place where theory and practice combine to produce a better understanding of our world and ourselves.

We invite you to explore this great university and take advantage of all it has to offer.


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Addams Hall, 200 South 36th Street
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Our Aims

Penn carries on the principles and spirit of its founder, Benjamin Franklin: entrepreneurship, innovation, invention, outreach, and a pragmatic love of knowledge. Franklin's practical outlook has remained a driving force in the university's development.  

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The University's commitment to our principles of art education was emphasized in 1995 when Jane Alexander, Director of the National Endowment for the Arts, celebrated Penn's 239th commencement with an address in which she made an impassioned argument for the value of art to our nation. The innovative atmosphere of this University provides an exciting context for our Program. Among many extraordinary achievements, two significant contributions affecting the nature of contemporary imagemaking have their roots here. Presaging Modernism's concern with time and motion, Penn facilitated Eadweard Muybridge's sequential photographic work on locomotion. In our own era, the creation at Penn of the first computer has led to astounding new ways of creating images. An encounter with this legacy, along with interdisciplinary interaction among Penn's world-renowned Institute of Contemporary Art, Annenberg Center of Communication, Wharton Business School, and the many distinguished Departments of PennDesign, enriches the BA experience. Majors have 24-hour access to private studios and shared support facilities, governed by a pedagogical emphasis on...  [ Read All ]

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Information For  Undergraduates

The Undergraduate Program concentrates on the development of the student's sensory awareness, ability to think in response to it, and proficiency in the visualization of thought through the manipulation of materials and processes. This is achieved through a comprehensive course of study administered through coursework that ensures investigative exposure to the widest variety of means. The Department of Fine Arts offers a Major and Minor in Fine Arts Program for undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences at Penn. Please refer to the Undergraduate Academic Bulletin and University Policies and Procedures for specifics regarding academic requirements for the Major and Minor Programs. Art studio courses are also open as free electives to undergraduates and students in graduate and professional schools in the University. Undergraduates are invited to participate in all lectures and events associated with the MFA Graduate Program.  

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Student Facilities

Penn's campus is located in Philadelphia, one of America's most historic and livable cities. Our community engagement involves many resources throughout the University.  

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Student Life

The Office of Student Life, a department within the Division of University Life, has administrative responsibility for student activities and governance, student performing arts, University Life leadership training programs, the PennQuest and PENNacle pre-orientation programs, and campus-wide special events such as Family Weekend, "No Place Like Penn" Weekend, Homecoming, Spring Fling, Hey Day and Ivy Day.

The Office serves as a primary source of information and advice about co-curricular opportunities and resources. Staff members assist students in becoming involved in campus life, conduct leadership development programs, provide continuity for organizations from year to year, manage organizational finances, educate students about University policies, mediate disputes, advise event planners, and help students put classroom learning into practice through the techniques of experiential education.  


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