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Western Connecticut State University serves as an accessible, responsive and creative intellectual resource for the people and institutions of Connecticut. We strive to meet the educational needs of a diversified student body through instruction, scholarship and public service. Western aspires to be a public university of choice for programs of excellence in the liberal arts and the professions by providing full-time and part-time students with the necessary background to be successful in their chosen careers and to be productive members of society. It accomplishes this by emphasizing:

A strong liberal arts foundation.
Strong skills in communication, problem solving, and critical thinking.
Opportunities for experiential, cooperative, and internships experiences
A strong background in information technologies
Interdisciplinary programs
A strong sense of commitment to public service.
A personalized learning environment.

Our mission as a public comprehensive University is given life through the principles and values that guide us.

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United States

181 White Street
CT 06810
Phone: (203) 837-8210
Website: http://www.wcsu.edu/svpa/

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Our Aims

Empowering students to attain the highest standards of academic achievement, public and professional services, personal development, and ethical conduct is our fundamental responsibility.
Facilitating learning is our primary function, and it requires that our faculty be active scholars who have a lasting interest in enhancing instruction and that our curriculum be dynamic and include advanced instructional technologies.
Preparing students for enlightened and productive participation in a global society is our obligation and is best fulfilled by developing the best possible academic programs and learning experiences.
Promoting a rich and diverse cultural environment that allows freedom of expression within a spirit of civility and mutual respect is our abiding commitment.
Strengthening our partnership with the people and institutions of Connecticut is a benefit to both the University and the state and endows our teaching and scholarship with a special vitality and dedication.

Quality in all that we do, and a commitment to continuous improvement.
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Location and Getting there

Western Connecticut State University's Midtown and Westside campuses, located in Danbury, Connecticut, are easily accessible from Interstate 84. The University is approximately an hour's distance from New York City.


Department and information about the department

Young, vigorous, and talented –– we are the newest school at WestConn. Our students have the opportunity to work with a faculty distinguished in the visual arts, music and theatre arts. They have easy access to the great cultural centers of New York City, including Broadway, Lincoln Center and the Museum of Modern Art. They produce and act in plays off-Broadway and around the world in places like Edinburgh, Scotland. They exhibit their art in a New York gallery, perform in concerts, operas and at the celebrated WestConn Jazz Festival. Our students enjoy the best in professional study –– all at an affordable price.

The school builds on a long university tradition of excellence in the arts. Students studied music at WestConn as early as 1905, with the first degrees awarded in 1945. The music program now includes the B.M. performance degree with classical and jazz studies options, the B.A. liberal arts degree, and the B.S. and M.S. in Music Education. The visual arts program offers four undergraduate specializations in graphic design, studio art, illustration, and photography, plus a highly regarded M.F.A. degree program in ...  [ Read All ]

Academic Staff and Description


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News and Events


Information For  Undergraduates

The art department’s programs are designed, through studio and lecture courses, to help students gain understanding and expertise in several aspects of the visual arts. Within the art major students have four options: (1) graphic design, emphasizing visual design for the communications media; (2) illustration, developing images for publications and communication; (3) photography, which involves both fine art and advertising photography; and (4) studio art. Within the studio art option there are four potential areas of emphasis: painting, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics. This option is designed for the student interested in fine arts. All four options have a common foundation program with specializations diverging in the junior year.

The department maintains an extensive slide collection, reproductions, a graphic art collection and a visual art collection. There are regular exhibitions of professional and student work in the art department gallery. Art department faculty have close ties to the New York art world and are active professionals. In addition, the art department has frequent guest critics and speakers from the pro...  [ Read All ]

Information For  Postgraduates

The Master of Fine Arts degree was initiated in 2000, and majors are available in both Painting and Illustration.


Information For  International Students

Western Connecticut State University welcomes applications from international students who reside outside the United States. To receive an International Student Packet call, write, or email WestConn's Office of Admissions. This packet contains an admissions application, TOEFL information (see below), an Affidavit of Support, and a transcript evaluation form. Call (203) 837-9000 for more information.




Student Facilities


Student Support

The Division of Student Affairs, as an integral partner in the University experience, is dedicated to the achievement of excellence in all student endeavors. Student Affairs is committed to preparing students for lifelong learning and leadership as ethical and responsible citizens in a diverse and global community.


Student Life

Western Connecticut State University is committed to the philosophy that all individuals should be given an opportunity for the development of their skills and knowledge, as well as an awareness of their role and responsibilities in society. WCSU's population consists of many individuals with varied interests and backgrounds. The Student Center/Student Life Office mission seeks to create for the individual student an environment that provides for the personal integration of educational, recreational and social experiences.




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