Youngstown State University College Of Fine & Performing Arts

Youngstown State University’s College of Fine & Performing Arts is centered in Bliss Hall and the McDonough Museum of Art. It is comprised of the Office of the Dean and three departments: the Department of Art, the Dana School of Music, and the Department of Communication & Theater.

The College brings over 400 events to the YSU campus and Youngstown/Warren Communities which includes dozens of art exhibits, eight major theatrical productions, and more than one hundred musical events. Academic programs combine theoretical and practical offerings giving students the opportunity to augment traditional classroom activities with internship and laboratory experiences.


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One University Plaza
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Our Aims

The Mission of the College of Fine and Performing Arts at Youngstown State University is to provide a creative learning environment in the fine and performing arts to strengthen and broaden the intellectual and cultural horizons of all students.

The College seeks to demonstrate to the University and community at large the values inherent in the creative arts. It does so by offering professional, general and teaching licensure course work to a diverse population. Classes remain current to serve the ever-changing needs of students, the University, and larger community.

Scholarship is integral to the mission of the College and illustrates the processes of
creative thought and activity as demonstrated by its faculty and students to provide a lasting and sustainable contribution to the life of the mind and spirit. This contribution, as central to its mission challenges the College to reveal and explore bodies of knowledge in forms unique to the arts to reveal the intellectual and emotional contribution of human experience.

The College of Fine and Performing Arts is to be the creative showcase for the University. Through its d...  [ Read All ]

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Location and Getting there

Youngstown State University
F-1 Visitor Lot (University Plaza/W. Spring St.)




Department and information about the department

The Department of Art at YSU prepares students to become artists, designers, art educators or art historians. As part of a cultural milieu, students will witness a wide variety of styles, philosophies and histories. They will be exposed to various techniques, processes and experiences in the development of a commitment to their work, their community and to the outside world. Expanded visual horizons as well as exposure to various histories will enable students to look both within themselves and outside in a broader cultural context.
Education in the arts is paradoxical. Art making and the study of art require skills training as well as perceptual awareness. Participation in the process is the primary means of education. Students and faculty alike are immersed in the quest for knowledge and creative self-realization, whether it is in the form of computer graphics, printmaking or the study of art from the past.
The North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools accredit Youngstown State University, in an accreditation that includes all undergraduate and graduate programs. In addition, the National As...  [ Read All ]

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Student Support

Student Life has an important role within the mission of Student Affairs. We are committed to facilitate involvement, support personal development and enhance academic success. All of the programs and services within the Student Life unit focus on some aspect of these goals. Beyond their individual contribution, these programs and services have an important collaborative contribution to students satisfaction with college life.

Organized within six individual offices, Student Life encompasses many programs. Engagement with the University is facilitated through programs such as SOAR (Summer Orientation Advisement and Registration) and the peer-based First Year Student Center. Focused programming for special populations promotes inclusion and comfort for all students. A comprehensive recreation and intramural program and general entertainment and social programming offer fun and relaxation for all. Support for the more than 120 recognized student organizations provides opportunities for involvement and leadership addressing the diverse interests of the student body. Academic enhancement is promoted through services like course-spec...  [ Read All ]


Housing & Residence Life provides facilities for full-time students that are safe, clean, well maintained, reasonably priced, attractive, comfortable, and conducive to study and personal growth. Housing & Residence Life provides dining and other services that meet residents needs and enhance their living environment. Housing & Residence Life fosters a residential environment which encourages individual and community development.  

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For more information about the Department of Art, contact:

Prof. Susan Russo, Department Chair
Department of Art
Youngstown State University
One University Plaza
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Phone: 330-941-3627
Fax: 330-941-7183