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The Florence Academy of Art was founded in 1991 by Daniel Graves to provide the highest level of instruction in classical drawing, painting and sculpture. Graves' vision of the Academy is its potential to train a select group of highly skilled Realist artists.

His philosophy, which underlies the Academy's curriculum and method of instruction, demands a return to discipline in art, to canons of beauty, and to the direct study of nature and the Old Masters as the foundation for great painting. Under his direction, the Academy is a source of stimulation and healthy competition, in which an internationally varied group of students receives training from professional painters of different nationalities, in a city renowned for its artistic past.



Via delle Casine 21/R
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Our Aims

It is the view of this Academy that throughout the 20th century the prominent movements of art have steadily drawn attention (and teaching) away from close observation of the material world and the acquisition of strong technical skills, to a position where cohesive artistic thought is inexorably fragmented by the urge towards greater individual expression. The result is a creative environment in which the visual arts are adrift, with few tangible points of reference and little to say that is of continuing importance or depth.

The philosophy of The Florence Academy of Art demands a return to discipline in art, to timeless classical canons of beauty and to the study of nature as the foundation for great painting. The Academy therefore provides students with the opportunity to explore distinctive aspects of their chosen subject through the development of considerable powers of draughtsmanship, direct study of works of the Old Masters and a deep, practical understanding of the materials and methods of the artist. By this means, and through the resulting identification of clear artistic objectives, students acquire creative self-con...  [ Read All ]

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Location and Getting there

The Florence Academy of Art has two locations:
Florence, Italy and Mölndal (Gothenburg) Sweden  

Academic Staff and Description  

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News and Events

Lectures and Special Events  

Information For  Undergraduates

Our curriculum and teaching method derive from the classical-Realist tradition, rooted in the Renaissance, and revived by the major Realist academic ateliers of the 19th century.  

Information For  International Students

There are currently 90 students from 25 different countries enrolled in the Florence program, and a maximum enrollment of 35 in Mölndal. These students work at different levels in the curriculum. Beginning students are therefore encouraged to observe and learn from the work of the more advanced, who in turn, can have the opportunity to work as student teachers.  


Student Facilities

Students work under north facing light. Movable partitions divide the spaces into separate studios (one to four person occupancy), providing each student semi-private work space. The unique studio environment, surrounded by the history and treasures of Florence and Gothenburg, produce an inspiring combination for the painter's experience abroad.  

Student Support

The complete program of study is three years, although students may continue for a fourth year of specialization. The student's class commitment includes 36 hours per week of full instruction; each student receives one critique in the morning and one critique in the afternoon from the course instructors. Students may also attend additional life drawing classes in the evenings. Regular lectures are conducted in Art History and Anatomy, while special lectures include Historic Methods and Materials, and technical demonstrations on paint grinding, the properties of individual pigments, oils and varnishes and canvas preparation. More so, our instructors work in studios on school premises allowing students to benefit not only from daily direct instruction and critique, but from watching the artist at work. This relationship, developed over many hours spent together in the studio is significant to the general atmosphere of the studio, and fundamental to the student's artistic development.  


The Academy's administrative staff offers help and guidance to students seeking housing. Information is contained in the acceptance packet provided to all new students entering the program.  

How To Apply

Academic Year Application Form 2007-2008  

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The Florence Academy of Art

Via delle Casine 21/R
50122 Florence Italy
Tel: +39 055 245444
Fax: +39 055 2343701


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