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Accomodation - Western State College of Colorado

Forty percent of Western students live on campus. This is because our residence life options suit all types of students needs from freshman first year experience programs to apartments for upper classmen and non-traditional student.

*Independent Living: Chipeta and Shavano Apartments

Emphasizes student independence and self- responsibility . Student leaders and professional staff will support independence and self- responsibility in this living environment designed especially for older students.

*First-Year Experience Living/Learning Center: Escalante Complex (Dolores, Colorado, Tomichi, and Crystal Halls)

Escalante Complex is home to the First-Year Experience Living/Learning Center. We are excited to offer an exceptional living opportunity developed especially to help new students transition successfully into the academic learning community of Western State College. Possible activities include: interaction with professors and fellow students, outdoor discovery/adventure trips, campus activities, study groups, peer mentoring, and leadership.

*Community Life: Mears Complex

Emphasizes student involvement and responsibility in their living community. Student leaders and professional staff will work with floor members to establish community standards for behavior and active participation. Involvement and leadership in hall council will present ideal opportunities for students who have an interest in volunteerism, civic engagement and leadership.

*Academic Connections Living/Learning Center: Ute Hall

Ute hall is home to the Academic Connections Living/Learning Center for students interested in: Arts, Science & Environmental Studies, and Wellness

Residence Life in conjunction with the Art, Recreation and Science and environmental Studies Departments designed a community to compliment classroom learning for students interested in exploring the academic areas. Possible activities include: interaction with professors and fellow students, student galleries and art shows, study groups, service-learning opportunities, museum trips, forest restoration, and trail clearing.

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