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Introduction - Camberwell College of Arts

Camberwell College of Arts is part of University of the Arts London, an institution made up of six of the world's most prestigious art Colleges. Camberwell is one of the world's foremost art and design institutions and we've welcomed students to South London for over a century, many of whom have stayed on in the area making it the place for artists to live and work. In that time we've carved out a name for high quality teaching by leading practitioners - teaching that has put artists and designers on the road to international prominence and many others on the path to fulfilment in their chosen practice.

Students and visitors notice that Camberwell has a strong set of values - of equality and fairness, of respect and tolerance, a strong sense of place and connectedness with the world around us and a lively sense of enquiry and curiosity. We will open up new possibilities for you so that you can explore ground breaking and adventurous ideas.
Founded more than 100 years ago, Camberwell has a distinguished tradition, and has long been regarded as one of the country's leading art and design colleges.

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