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Introduction - London College of Fashion

London College of Fashion, one of the six Colleges which form University of the Arts London, is the only college in the UK to specialise in fashion education, research and consultancy. With an international reputation for fashion education, we offer a unique portfolio of courses from fashion design and technology, management and marketing to communication, promotion and image creation. Our aim is to reflect the breadth of opportunity available in this vibrant industry.

Whether a student's passion is for footwear design, make-up for film, fashion buying or styling for photographic shoots, the philosophy of all our courses is to offer creative development alongside a strong vocational slant. The expertise of our highly experienced industry professionals ensures that students are kept aware of changing demands and opportunities within the fashion industry. Many of our tutors combine teaching with careers within the industry. This allows them to pass on invaluable 'insider' knowledge to students, on the latest technologies, techniques and trends. We can therefore offer our students a combination of practical and theoretical skills, supported by an understanding of the cultural context in which fashion operates.

At London College of Fashion we believe that fashion is an international language. This outlook is reflected in the high number of international students we welcome to the college, from over seventy countries. This cross-cultural mix is a distinctive feature of the college community. Our perspective is further enhanced by the many academic links we have with colleges across the world.

UK and European students are also encouraged to study their subject with a global perspective. To help aid them in this approach exchange programmes have been set up in New York, Madrid, Budapest, Florence, Berlin and Amsterdam. Our students are also offered the opportunity to undertake work experience abroad

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