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Introduction - Universidad de las Comunicaciones

UNIACC is certified by the Council of Higher Education. The highest authority in this matter. It is located in Santiago, the capital of Chile, country inhabited with over 16 million people and situated southwest of Latin America.

UNIACC has over 3.000 students in three Campuses interconnected by multimedia technology. It grants diverse academic degrees, and teaches thirty one Academic Programs, Diplomas and Masters.

Communication is the heart and articulated axis of its educational project. Over 5.000 students, with diverse specialties have graduated from UNIACC. Its institutional educational strength has been recognized on national and international level not only by European and Latin American Universities, but also by international organizations which, knowing its academic and executive capacity, support and cooperate with Uniacc in the areas of different Undergraduate and Postgraduate Academic Programs, and Continuous Training in the areas of Art, Communication, and New Multimedia Technologies.

UNIACC has its own Radio and TV Station (channel 34 on VHF band), that broadcasts educational and recreational programmes. It offers a Virtual Campus with a Modern Technological Platform of Distance Learning called eCampus, through which a complete university training is provided. In order to do so, Online interactive mechanisms of study, evaluation, and self-learning through the Internet, with the most demanding educational quality standards is used. Nowadays 6 majors and 18 Online courses are provided.

Today, UNIACC projects itself to the world with the requirements and quality standards imposed by the new scenarios of higher education and Communications in the world.

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