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The art major fosters the student’s effort to develop a personal creative style, encouraging exploration of various artistic media and appreciation of the work of artists working in other times and places. Students acquire a foundation in studio art, art history, and design, while learning to express themselves formally, skillfully, and with creativity.

Program Coordinator: Prof. Doug Himes

Major Requirements (33 Credit Hours)
Core (18):

ART 120 Introduction to Drawing (GE) (3)

ART 210 Art History: Prehistory-Middle Ages (GE) (3)

ART 215 Art History: Renaissance-Modern (GE) (3)

ART 223 Two-Dimensional Design (3)

ART 227 Three-Dimensional Design (3)

ART 498 Senior Show (3)

Electives (15 credit hours from among the following, including at least 6 credit hours from 300- or 400-level courses and including at least two courses in one of the following three areas: painting, ceramics/sculpture, and printmaking):

ART 130 Introduction to Painting (GE) (3)

ART 214 Introduction to Ceramics (3)

ART 230 Introduction to Oil Painting (3)

ART 240 Introduction to Printmaking (3)

ART 275R Topics in Art (Var.) as approved by program coordinator

ART 300 Study Abroad: Italian Renaissance (3)

ART 315 Non-Western Art (3)

ART 317R Sculpture (3)

ART 320R Advanced Drawing (3)

ART 330R Advanced Painting (3)

ART 340R Advanced Printmaking (3)

ART 375R Topics in Art (Var.)

ART 385R Directed Study in Art (Var.)

ART 399 Internship/Practicum in Art (Var.)

ART 485R Directed Study in Art (Var.)

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