Information For Undergraduates - University of Michigan

The A&D undergraduate curriculum prepares graduates for a broad range of eventualities. It integrates art and design methodologies, interweaves traditional techniques with contemporary technologies, bridges the personal to the social, and engages the rich resources of the University and the community. This program also includes opportunities for international study and undergraduate student exhibitions. The first two years of the four-year program are highly structured; the second two are extraordinarily flexible. Career exploration and planning start in the first year.

While all students graduate from the program with the same degree, a BFA in Art and Design, each student's degree reflects his or her own personalized educational plan. In the third and fourth year, with faculty mentoring, students to pursue individualized courses of study to create a unique educational experience and a body of creative work that serves as a basis for future endeavors. Students are able to engage in specific and traditional fields of study in art and design, though many students pursue interests and talents that extend beyond the confines of traditionally defined programs.

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