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Master of Architecture Programme 2008, for International Students

The overall aims of the Master of Architecture programme are to provide students with a competitive edge of advanced knowledge and skill, together with study choices that support career interests and address societal issues.

The programme’s focus is on architecture that supports amenity, sustainability, and cultural meaning. The Faculty is committed to sustaining an open-minded and creative atmosphere for the pursuit of research, to explore new forms of building and urban design, and to discover collaborative practices that nurture human potential. Our graduates recognize existing sources of knowledge but learn how to integrate their voice with others in order to influence both the art and the science of architecture.


Master of Architecture M.Arch. (A- Architecture)

Master of Architecture M.Arch. (UD- Urban Design)

Master of Architecture M.Arch. (URHP- Urban Regeneration and Historic Preservation)

The professional Master of Architecture degree (M.Arch.) is the second component of architectural education at the Faculty of Architecture for students who seek certified professional qualifications/licensing. The programme has been developed in accordance with the Bologna Declaration standards, and is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education.

Programme Duration: Three semesters of course work (90 ects), and the Master Project (30 ects) which is usually done in the fourth semester.


To provide general and specialized knowledge in the field of Architecture and Architectural Technologies, Urban Design, Urban Regeneration and Historic Preservation, with respect to theory, methodology, design, analysis and applications. By combining projects with lectures the Faculty trains students to become broadly oriented, versatile architects, meeting today’s requirements for wide employability.

To equip the graduate with knowledge needed for a profession in the field of Architecture, Urban Design and Urban Regeneration, to enable him or her to develop appropriate design projects of different scale and complexity, including plans for urban communities and settlements, open, protected, and other areas where development occurs, or those which are subject to protection, conservation, or any other special treatment.


The Master of Architecture is a comprehensive and rigorous programme, preparing graduates for a full range of professional activities in the profession. It provides a thorough theoretical basis in history, theory, technology, ecology, social issues, and professional practice, while developing skills in design through participating an a sequence of intensive design studios.

The Master of Architecture programme is open-minded and sharply focused on the current state of the profession. The programme allows students to pursue their individual specializations, to progress towards employment within the field of architecture, urban design and historical preservation, and to embark on advanced study, including a PhD programme at this or another school.

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