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Dartmouth College combines the best features of an undergraduate liberal arts college with the intellectual vitality of a research university. Founded as an undergraduate institution more than two centuries ago, Dartmouth offers excellent graduate programs within the Arts and Sciences and in business, engineering, and medicine. The professional schools, among the first established in their respective fields, have had a historic role in defining the school's intellectual values. Dartmouth encourages a love of learning and discovery in every member of its community. It celebrates the diversity of that community, which includes men and women from different backgrounds, abilities, economic circumstances, perspectives, races, religions, national origins, and sexual orientations.

Dartmouth has a special character and is committed to fostering the unique bonds that exist between the institution and those who learn, teach, and work here. This character is rooted in the following essential elements:

A devotion to a vital learning environment that relies on a faculty dedicated to outstanding teaching and scholarship; a talented and intellectually curious student body; a staff committed to the institution and its purposes, and alumni/ae supportive of the pursuit of the highest ideals of teaching and learning.

A conviction that one of Dartmouth's strengths is providing students with close contact with faculty, and an appreciation that the quality of the educational and research experiences Dartmouth offers is one measure of its success.

A resolve to enrich the learning experience at Dartmouth by encouraging regular interaction among members of a diverse community. A Dartmouth education should prepare students for life in a complex world, one in which the ability to understand and appreciate differences and similarities among all people and societies is essential.

A commitment to sustain an academic residential community that cultivates and nurtures the social, emotional, moral, and physical wellbeing of its members. Dartmouth encourages intellectual endeavors, artistic expression, community service, athletics and outdoor activities, religious life, and political and social activism.

A recognition that its setting and location in northern New England offer Dartmouth unique advantages, special traditions, and ongoing obligations related to understanding our relationships to our community and to our environment.

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