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Student Facilities - Belgrade University


Studios: Studios are organized to respond to student needs and are accessible from 8am to 10pm every day except Sunday.

Auditorium: The 250 seats auditorium is available for ex-cathedra lectures, and presentations, Faculty or students’ meetings. Guest lectures are usually held there. The auditorium is equipped with a high tech multimedia system and has access to the Internet.

Computing Laboratory: The Faculty of Architecture computing staff maintains and supports computer and network resources to help the students, faculty, and staff perform at their best. In addition to two computer labs, they support printing, plotting, studio networking and the equipment checkout programme.

Multimedia room: The multimedia room is located in the library and is accessible on request.

Library: TheFaculty of Architecture Library includes more than 20 000 volumes, a good selection of journals and a small but burgeoning collection of CDs. The holdings cover the fields of architecture, architectural history, art history, history and theory of design, historical preservation, professional practice and management, structures, urbanism, and urban and spatial planning.
The library is accessible from 9am to 8pm every day except Sunday.

Collection: A collection of old and rare books is located on the 2nd floor and houses an extensive collection of more than 2000 volumes. It forms part of the Faculty of Architecture library system but is under the auspices of the National Library Heritage Programme.

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