Alan Brooks - Contemporary Artists


Nauman The Saatchi Gallery

Alan Brooks


Pencil on paper

21 x 29.7 cm

“Looking back through the collection of images I became aware that the artists’ positions in an art historical sense were constantly in flux. It was interesting how certain artists came in and out of fashion. It’s not linear and obviously all artists have their own favourites but there is a general fashion to who is hot and who is not from art history: Cezanne no, Nauman yes. There was a very democratic idea behind this piece of work in that it made all the artists equal. I’m not saying one is better, more interesting or cooler than another. As an art student you look at thousands of artists, you start with say Cezanne or Picasso, and move on from there, constantly adding to this compendium of images and influences throughout your career.” Bruce Nauman is pictured here on the set of his 1968 performance Bouncing Two Balls Between the Floor and Ceiling with Changing Rhythms.
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