Alexander Hoda - Contemporary Artists


Shoehorn The Saatchi Gallery

Alexander Hoda


Polystrene, latex, pva, plastic, rubber

178 x 165 x 245 cm

“For this piece I wanted to have more of a scene, like the narratives within classicism and mythology, but my own. It’s like a freeze-frame of a moment. I make my sculptures by collaging found objects to form the composition and then coat the entire surfaces with rubber. This is a way to ‘dress up’ the objects, to make them re-perform in a different environment, re-contextualise them with new meanings. The found objects and masks underneath the surfaces give the effect of an inflatable object that’s almost expanded to the point of collapse. In my work I am exploring relationships, desires, and urges, to perceive them in different contexts rather than something that’s conditioned to be guilt-laden or perverted.”
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