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Untitled (de Kooning/Raphael) #1

Untitled (de Kooning/Raphael) #1 The Saatchi Gallery

Andrea Fraser

Untitled (de Kooning/Raphael) #1

Digital c-print

101.6 x 76.2 cm

Andrea Fraser’s Untitled series stems from a project she completed in 1984, which consisted of a collection of slides superimposing images of Old Masters’ works with those of well known 20th century artists. Having reconstructed these images as photographs, pieces such as Untitled (de Kooning/Raphael) #1 examine the polemics of feminism, historical revisionism, and artistic authenticity. Here, traces of De Kooning’s violently rendered figure scars the beatific Madonna and Child, merging the two disparate examples of the subjectification of women in art history as a Frankenstein-ish amalgamation. Printed in poster size, Fraser highlights issues of sexual commodification and image consumption.
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