Anne Chu - Contemporary Artists

Tombstone for a King and Queen

Tombstone for a King and Queen The Saatchi Gallery

Anne Chu

Tombstone for a King and Queen

painted wood

111 x 167.6

Drawing her inspiration from ancient sculptures, such as funerary carvings from the Tang Dynasty, or the medieval friezes at Chartres, Anne Chu�s version of history is something more akin to fairytale. Primitively carved from wood, Chu�s invented relics capture a rich, timeless aesthetic, which makes their authenticity all the more believable. Tombstone For a King is a rough-hewn tableau depicting a �long forgotten� tragedy. Her clunky figures are careful study of craftsmanship, displaying a casual presence rarely found in ancient depictions, her washy pigmentation is convincing as battered remains. But it�s her dreamy colours, greys, pinks, and yellows, which give rise to girly romance: her �ancient dynasties� always seem strangely contemporary, bringing mystery and romance to life.
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