Anne Hardy - Contemporary Artists


Building The Saatchi Gallery

Anne Hardy


Diasec mounted c-type print

120 x 150 cm

Through her intensive process of set building Hardy engages with ideas of theatricality, fiction, and performance. Her scenes suggest not only elaborate narratives of place, character, and events, but also a meta-narrative of obsession and control in manifesting their fantasy – all for the solitary moment of the photograph. Unlike film stills, which represent an image of a linear and contextualised story, Hardy’s photographs compound a sense of disjointedness and isolation. Their hermetic aura and invitation to scrutiny affirms their uncanniness or ‘unrealness’. Building offers a surveillance room for forensic study, its wall of monitors broadcasting yet another world within its imagined scene, a further layer of embellished construction, reflecting on the fabricated nature of all realities.
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