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Arse Flowers In Bloom

Arse Flowers In Bloom The Saatchi Gallery

Ansel Krut

Arse Flowers In Bloom

Oil on canvas

120 x 110 cm

“For Arse Flowers In Bloom I wanted to paint something that was challenging and direct. The image happens in two places simultaneously: they are flowers, but they are mooning at you. The white lines in the background make the space quite shallow, and suggest a venetian blind or lines in a text book. I wanted to keep the painting quality as uncomplicated as possible, and keep the drawing of the flowers simple to reinforce a kind of perversity. I’m interested in how crude you can make an image and still carry it off in other ways. When looking at this painting it’s difficult to hold its two propositions in mind. In some ways it’s quite nicely painted, but it’s also some arses confronting you. How do you reconcile the extremes of possibilities in the same moment?”
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