Anthea Hamilton - Contemporary Artists


Olympian The Saatchi Gallery

Anthea Hamilton


Mixed media

154 x 50 x 51 cm

I apply the same methodology to my sculptures as making a film. I arrange the elements to create a sense of time and movement. In Olympian I used tourism posters of Athens. They tell of something exotic and ancient, we can associate their deep blue colour with travel. I wanted to make something quite abhorrent that could still be funny and charming. The head, which is a painted polystyrene shop model, has paper eyes and teeth. The hat is a teapot lid, and ends of Sellotape rolls have been put together to make a crass version of the Olympic rings. I like to use things that people know what it’s like to handle and experience for themselves, in a way, letting them know they could do this too – it’s not an alien or elite ideology.
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