Jules de Balincourt - Contemporary Artists

U.S World Studies II

U.S World Studies II The Saatchi Gallery

Jules de Balincourt

U.S World Studies II

Oil and Enamel on Panel

122 x 173cm

Jules de Balincourt borrows from the pop tradition of Jasper Johns to reinvent the American map according to his own satirical world order. In U.S World Studies II, Jules de Balincourt divides the US into a jumble of brightly coloured squares – all-inclusive but without logic (Florida’s been transported to the mid-west, and California’s now the Deep South). Jules de Balincourt pictures this new America as a self-contained rainbow-hued continent of disunity, pitted against the dark forces of the rest of the world: a swarthy no-man’s-land comprised of dwarfed and sketchy nations of dubious consequence.
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