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SunnO))) / (Repeater) Decay / Coma Mirror

SunnO))) / (Repeater) Decay / Coma Mirror The Saatchi Gallery

Banks Violette

SunnO))) / (Repeater) Decay / Coma Mirror

Steel, hardware, plywood, paint, fibreglass, tinted epoxy, salt, resin

Dimensions variable

Banks Violette’s Untitled takes as its origin a performance by the rock bank SunnO))) which the audience was allowed to hear, but not to see. Casting their stage equipment in salt, Violette’s Untitled comprises the only visual documentation of this event. Through its strange crystalline and ghostly presence, Untitled captures the lingering aura of ominous phenomena. Reminiscent of the biblical story of Sodom, Violettle’s contemporary ‘pillars’ of salt give aftermath testimony to forbidden indulgence. During SunnO)))’s performance, the lead singer was encased in a black coffin. Represented as a shard-like abstraction, an ebony form takes centre stage as a mysterious monument of dissolution.
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